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What Your Halloween Costume Should Be, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Halloween season is officially upon us: the time of year to cozy up in the fall weather, dress in your favorite chunky knit sweater, eat way too much candy and listen to your favorite spooky tunes. But most importantly, Halloween costumes are a make-or-break social statement every year — on a night where you can be anyone or anything, the only question will be who or what you will become. Tired of the basic witch or cat costume but struggling to think of a new and out-of-the-box Halloween costume idea? Look on TikTok or Pinterest no further — instead, why not look up to the stars?

No matter what your Halloween looks like for you this year — whether you opt to stay in and watch a scary movie or go out on the town — let the stars guide you in finding the perfect costume. Here’s what you should be for Halloween this year, based on your zodiac sign.


With your need to feel unique and independent, you want to show up at this Halloweekend wearing something no one else has. Kind and compassionate, you’re also rebellious, so a well-executed book or TV character costume is the perfect costume for you! Perhaps Evelyn from the bestselling book Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, or Villanelle from Killing Eve?


As a water sign, you’re constantly dreaming of the unforeseen future, and encompassing your trusting and emotional side is best done through expression with water. Dress up as Ariel from The Little Mermaid this Halloween — and with the new live-action movie coming out in May 2023, this will surely be a popular costume this year! 


Known for your passion, temper, and love for learning, it’s time to return to your inner child. This Halloween, dress up as Mrs. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus (throwback to 2006) or Janine Teagues from Abbott Elementary


As a Gemini, you’re known to have two different sides to your personality, so Halloween is a perfect time to pay homage to your duality. This year, become Megan Fox from the hit movie Jennifer’s Body!


Not wanting a cheap or overtly trendy costume this year? As a Taurus, your desire for high quality and timelessness makes Halloween the perfect opportunity to dress up as Audrey Hepburn (and fun fact, Hepburn was also a Taurus!). Channel this iconic actress’ essence by opting for her classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s look!


Imaginative and moody, you’re likely to be planning your costume at the very last minute (and no judgment, bestie). Seeking some sort of comfort while you’re out of your bed, pick up an animal onesie for a super cute and comfy Halloween costume this year! Everyone at the Halloween party will be envying your cozy look.


As a Leo, you absolutely adore being the center of attention, and we love you for it! That’s why dressing up as Catwoman is the perfect way to make a statement this year — you’ll be guaranteed to turn heads this Halloweekend.


Well-organized and loyal, Halloween is your time, Virgo, to let go of your stress and tension and have fun! Become your favorite older sister this year — why not Nancy Wheeler from Stranger Things or Kate from Bridgerton?


Often recognized for your charm, beauty, and organization skills, you should dress up as a Greek or Roman goddess this Halloween! It’s an easy but *classic* costume that truly never fails.


As a Scorpio, Halloween is your time of year, bestie. Biting and tough-minded, you’ve likely already started planning your costume since last year — but no worries if you haven’t! Go for a classic yet edgy look this year and dress up for Halloween as a vampire — it’s the perfect costume to display your secretive and punchy attitude. (Fake blood required.)


Being the fierce and strong-headed person you are, this costume is inspired by your need for adventure in life. This year, dress up as one of your favorite action movie characters. Might I suggest the Black Panther’s youngest sister, Aja-AdannaShuri, or Maverick from the movie Top Gun


Grounded and independent, you want to wear a costume that says down-to-earth but is powerful and iconic at the same time. Who better to imitate than the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll, Elvis Presley? And he’s a fellow Capricorn — it’s the perfect fit!

Lily McAndrews is currently a college student in NYC studying sociology, economics, and Chinese. Outside of writing these masterpieces for you, she enjoys playing tennis and taking long walks on the beach with her sister's dog.