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5 Hairstyle Ideas for When You Want to Cover Up Outgrown Roots

One major project while living in quarantine has been reinventing my beauty routine. With the closing of most salons, I’ve had to make the best of the situation and take matters into my own hands when it comes to hair, nails, brows, and more. From DIY spa nights to face masks galore, I’m doing all of the at-home beauty treatments. Specifically, on days when I feel stuck in a rut, I’ve been styling my hair just to feel a little bit more like myself.

While I’m lucky enough to be quarantined with my cosmetology student sister, I know not everyone has that same luxury. If you dye your hair regularly, you are not alone in missing your hairdresser or hating those outgrown roots. Rather than stress about your roots throwing off your look on Zoom calls, there are some very easy hairstyles that will mask them or blend them into your natural hair. 


Headbands are definitely trending right now—just channel your inner Blair Waldorf and rock a headband to look chic and polished. The bigger and sparklier, the better! Plus, the wider the band, the more of your hairline and roots it will cover. I’m especially loving this set.


Creating an intricate braid is not only boho-chic, it also camouflages roots. Braids are great for adding dimension and texture to hair, which makes your roots less noticeable. Rock a braid crown for your next virtual class and no one will ever guess that you haven’t been to the salon for two months.

Dry Shampoo

If you have blonde or light hair, adding some dry shampoo to your roots will soften the look of your hairline and create some texture and volume. My favorite dry shampoo of all time is Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo. It leaves my hair feeling clean and smelling great, without the powdery residue some formulas create.


I used to think “hat people” were a very specific breed of extremely fashionable folks who somehow have this magical ability to not look like kids playing dress up. I did not think I was one of these people. Then one day at Anthropologie I tried on a pink fedora hat on a whim, and was immediately obsessed. If you’ve ever thought about becoming a hat person, consider this your invitation. They add a cool factor to any outfit, and will completely hide all visible roots.


This vibe definitely isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking to experiment with your hair while stuck inside, try out this festival-approved way to disguise your roots. Just apply a little gel and some glitter, and voila! You might as well rock your Coachella look from the comfort of your couch.

There’s no reason to stress about your hair, because there are so many at-home hacks you can try until the salons open again. Use this time to perfect your hair styling skills, and you may not even need a hairdresser in a few weeks. 

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Carli is a senior at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City studying Fashion Business Management and is the style section editor for Her Campus. After being a national style writer for Her Campus, she launched Her Campus FIT and acts as a Campus Correspondent. A born and raised Jersey Girl, she is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan. In her spare time she loves running, jamming to Taylor Swift, and tracking down the best burgers. Find her on Instagram @carliannescloset.
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