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This Hair Line Is A Fave On The Internet – Here’s How It Worked For My Curly, Natural Hair

As a curly-headed girl who’s about 90 percent transitioned, I’m always on the hunt for a new product. Some people have started to call me a product junkie, and those people would be right. It’s difficult to find a good product that works perfectly and interacts well with my other products.

About a year and a half ago I went completely natural, and let me tell you: it was the HARDEST thing ever. It only got worse as my hair grew out and the texture went from tangled to 4A, 4B & 4C. I have to use at least three products to tame the mane (and a handful more when I want to get fancy, which is pretty often). Like many people with natural hair, I’m always looking for a new go-to that can make this process a little easier, and since joining the natural hair community, I’ve heard great things about the Curls lines. I decided to give it a try.

What was the worst that could happen?


The Blueberry Bliss (yes, it smells like blueberries) contains 11 product including everything from shampoos to stylers. I tried the Reparative Hair Wash, Reparative Leave-In Conditioner, Juice Curl Moisturizer and Curl Control Jelly. Each product contains aloe, blueberry extract, shea butter and a host of vitamins.


Here’s how it went down.

Since it was the middle of the week, I didn’t need a heavy shampoo on my hair to strip it of all its moisture. The Reparative Hair Wash is a sulfate free cleanser (because who still uses sulfates in 2018??) and is supposed to sit on your hair for 10 minutes after you wash with it. I only did one wash of my hair with the cleanser but I was a little concerned at first because it doesn’t lather much. I ended up using more cleanser than I needed because my scalp just didn’t feel clean enough.

But while the cleanser sat in my hair, a miracle happened. Yes, really.


I could feel the definition in my curls as I touched the newly softened strands, AKA the best feeling of all time.

I followed up with my favorite conditioner and headed to the stylers, and I used the leave in and jelly to braid my hair and applied the curl juice to the ends of the braids for added moisture.

Here’s what happened.

Sadly, the curl jelly did not meet the needs of all my hair types. The looser curls in my hair loved the product and came out the way I wanted them to, so I’d definitely recommend it for someone with a looser curl pattern. But the tighter curls didn’t have much definition and didn’t have the same shine the other side did.


The cleanser itself is a ROCK STAR. Even though they recommend you using a conditioner from the same line, I felt fine switching it up. It also detangles hair well, so you don’t need to attack your curls with a comb, TG. The leave-in had a lot of slip, and I would probably try it again with a different styler.

I don’t often wear my hair in a wash n’ go style, and when I do I use heavy gels and creams to make my curls last. At the end of the day, I don’t think the curl jelly had enough of a hold for my hair, but I wouldn’t be opposed to trying it again because it does provide a nice curl definition.


Overall the Blueberry Bliss line is worth a try especially if you love a great smelling product! Seriously, you guys, it’s amazing. If you have a looser curl pattern (3C, 4A) this probably would work wonders for you. I’ll keep digging around to see what other rock star hair products I come up with, so stay tuned for more adventures in natural hair!

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Jordyn Fields is a current sophomore at Howard University and a Social Media Intern for Her Campus. When she's not writing she's shopping, eating and taking pictures of the former. Find her on twitter (@fearlessly_J) and Instagram (@jordyn_b_ ).
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