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Hailey Bieber’s Brownie Glazed Lips Are Going To Be Everywhere This Fall

Move aside, glazed donut mani, because Hailey Bieber’s moved on to brownie glazed lips — and just in time for fall.

On Aug. 22, Bieber posted a TikTok showing off her new favorite glossy lip look for fall, saying, “the lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall 😍🤎 @rhodeskin.” Users swarmed the comments of the video, obsessing over the celebrity’s lips. One user even commented, “You have officially become my lip girl.” TBH, I don’t even know what that really means, but when it comes to Bieber and beauty, she really does know what she’s doing. 

It should be noted, though, that Bieber isn’t the first to create this look — a similar trend, called gym lips, went TikTok viral back in May. And even more than that, this lip look is one that people in communities of color have been sporting for years.


the lip combo vibe I’m feeling for fall 😍🤎 @rhode skin

♬ She – Tyler, The Creator

In another video, sporting a black leather jacket, slicked back ponytail, and sparkly eyelids, Bieber called her lip look “brownie glazed lips,” saying in the caption, “ready for all the fall things including brownie glazed lips  🥹✨✨✨🤎🤎🤎.” 

To get the look, Bieber used her own Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment (which is almost always sold out, but you can join the waitlist so you know when it’s back in stock) as a clear lip gloss topper and lined her lips with the Make Up Forever Artist Color Pencil in the shade Anywhere Caffeine. If she doesn’t have the Make Up Forever Artist Color Pencil in Anywhere Caffeine on hand, she’ll also opt for the Scott Barnes Atelier Lip Pencil in Naomi

However, in an interview with Allure, Bieber’s LA-based makeup artist Leah Darcy shared that she used a different lip pencil to get the look. Darcy detailed that she used the Make Up Forever Artist Color Pencil in Versatile Chestnut, then patted on a bit of Merit Flush Balm in Raspberry Beret with her fingertips, and finished the look with Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment in Salted Caramel. 

If you’re on a budget, the Palladio Lip Liner Pencil in Suede is only $5 and is a similar shade to the other products Bieber used to nail the look. And instead of the Rhode Peptide Lip Treatment, you can opt for a cheaper option, like Glossier’s Balm Dotcom in Mint or Original, or e.l.f. Lip Lacquer in Clear (which is on sale right now for $2.10!). Basically, there’s a dozen different ways to get the look, so it’s even easy to just work with whatever’s already in your makeup bag.

But my question is, what “glazed” look is next? Cupcake glazed eyeshadow? Meringue glazed highlighter? (Yes, I’m literally just saying names of random desserts and adding “glazed” to the end.) Whatever it is, Hailey, I’m right behind you — because you know what you’re doing.

This article was originally published on Sept. 1. It was updated on Sept. 7.

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