Guys' Take On: Your Spring Outfits

Ahh, spring. Time to dump those frumpy sweaters in the back of your closet and break out your new wardrobe of skirts, floral dresses, tank-tops and flip-flops (not to mention that pair of wedge sandals you’ve been dying to wear all season)! As much as we collegiette trendsetters love the warmer weather fashion trends of neon florals, pretty pastels, and colorful capris… what do the guysthink? It’s always helpful to hear what guys think of our date night looks. We’ve rounded up the top ten trends of the Spring/Summer 2013 season and asked the guys what they think. Which did they love? Which did they hate? And which did they just plain not get? Read their thoughts below and find out!  Then it’s up to you whether or not you care.
Maxi Dresses

We love maxi dresses in the summer, don’t we ladies? Free-flowing and versatile, these ankle-length dresses are perfect for a day at the beach or a picnic at the park. And while they’ve been trending for a few spring/summer seasons now, the maxis are coming back this year stronger than ever. But what did the guy shave to say?

“When girls wear maxi dresses, I think of the beach.” –Matthew, Northeastern University
“I’m sad that it covers so much. Showing off a little leg might please the gentleman that you’re dating.” –Scott, University of Vermont
“If a woman has a nice body, then the dress fits her curves nicely.” –Aaron, Manhattan College
“I would rather see something accentuating your body. They’re borderline bags.” –Vance, University of Missouri
“As long as the setting for this is right – I’m thinking something outdoors – this kind of dress definitely gets my vote.” –Brent, Boston University
The verdict?
Guys have mixed feelings about maxi dresses.
What do the guys suggest?
Maxi dresses make great outfits for beach dates, say a lot of college guys. The only problem that they seem to have with maxi dresses is that they are a little tooloose. Ryan, a junior at Penn State, complains that the maxi dress “doesn't show enough skin.” “I want to touch skin,” he says. “I don’t want a girl who’s all out there for the campus to see, but if I can’t see any kind of figure under there, how can I know what you really look like?” To make a maxi dress more formfitting to your figure, try to create an hourglass shape by adding a fitted denim jacket, a cropped cardigan or even a belt cinched around your waist. Or better yet, shop for maxi dresses that are pre-fitted with some built-in shape. That way, you’ll still have that flowing, free comfort of a maxi dress, but it will hug you in all the right places.

Peplum is pretty popular this spring and it’s been popping up everywhere on skirts, blouses, and cocktail dresses, from the red carpet to the runway. It’s by far one of the trendiest style details this season and with its power to minimize your waist by accentuating your hips, this fashion trend is a big hit with the boys this spring.

“I think it gives a girl a nice hourglass shape.” –Spencer, Worcester Polytechnic Institute
“It adds curves? I’m a fan.” –Karl, Boston College
“Scaled right to the girl wearing it, I like [peplum] added to dresses. It can get a little over the top, but in the right amount, it can add some flair.” –Eric, Columbia University
The verdict?
For most college guys, peplum is date perfect!
What do the guys suggest?
Peplum is one of those fashion details that guys tend to overlook. It turns out, some guys don’t even noticepeplum! So use this to your advantage by adding curves to your silhouette and filling out your figure! Peplum dresses were highly approved by the college guys we asked, so on date night, opt for a LBD with a modest flare of peplum detailing at the hips so you’ll look a little more like Kate Middleton and a little less like Scarlett O’Hara.