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A Guide to Dressing Like the Pretty Little Liars

Excuse us, but we’re still trying to catch up with Aria, Spencer, Hanna, Emily and Alison after time jumped forward five years this January. Almost as important to us as the transition of the plot line is the transformation of the Liars’ fashion sense. Want to steal their new, matured style? Read below for a guide to how you can achieve their latest looks:


Aria’s outfits are usually experimental and edgy. Although this season she’ll be donning a more natural look, we’re sure that she will not disappoint.


Spencer, now working in the world of politics (go figure?) will surely be giving us that modern preppy twist that we love so much. She always looks classically tailored and we’re obsessed with her bangs this season!


After working in the fashion world in NYC, Hanna headed to Europe and her style became—*gasp*—even more glamorous than it already was. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for her wardrobe this season!


Emily is known for her comfy and athletic style––but this year, we also get to see a beachy element added to her wardrobe.


Alison––who has probably changed the most over the past five years––is now married… and a teacher. So, we’re sure she will be rocking some mature and adorable outfits.

Whose new look do you love most?

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