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Glasses as Fashion: Geeky-Chic or Just Geeky?

I must admit I’ve always secretly loathed my 20/20 vision. It all began at the ripe age of six when my friend showed up to school wearing a pair of hot pink eyeglasses. I instantly wanted a pair of my own. My desire to wear glasses grew so intense that I dragged my mother to the eye doctor on more than one occasion, and tried to convince her that despite passing the test with flying colors, I really did have a vision problem. My friends who wear glasses have never understood me. While they consider their eyewear to be a tedious necessity only acceptable when they’re too tired for contacts, I view it as a chic accessory that adds an instant air of confidence to any ensemble. And while I used to think I was alone in my love of the four-eyed look, I recently realized that wasn’t the case. Chain stores like Urban Outfitters are now catering to wannabees everywhere with their clear lens glasses, and Sarah Palin’s frames were more widely discussed than the politico herself when she first burst into the spotlight in 2008. And now, Leighton Meester’s ad for Missoni proves that the look is fabulous even in the most sacred territory-the world of high fashion. And yet, the question remains- should glasses  be worn as a fashion accessory, or are they a functional necessity only permissible for those who really need them? Comment below please!

photo Sources: http://bit.ly/dKVGJl  and http://bit.ly/gJg5iO

Nikki Fig is a Broadcast Journalism major at Emerson College. She writes, produces and reports for shows on several Emerson television stations and is a web writer for Emerson's lifestyle publication, Em Mag. She is also the Philanthropy Chair of Alpha Epsilon Phi and recently returned from a study abroad program in Israel. Nikki is graduating in May and plans to move back to New York City. She wants to pursue a career in journalism that will enable her to combine her love of fashion, travel and culture.  
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