Gigi Hadid Photobombed a 'French Vogue' Shoot As a Child & We're Going 'Aww' So Loud

Some faces are just made for the camera. After seeing this photo of an absolutely adorable five-year-old Gigi Hadid photobombing a French Vogue shoot, we’re even more convinced that she was––and still is––worth all the hype. This past week the supermodel tweeted out a call to find the said picture, which was taken accidentally. 

Within minutes the loyal Gigi fans of the world replied, and we are v grateful about the results. 

We can’t even tell whether we should be paying attention to the Vogue model's animated outfit or to Gigi’s chubby cheeks! Looking at this, it’s hard to believe that the shot was taken "accidentally" when Gigi so clearly seems like the focus of it. A model since toddlerhood, this photo just reaffirms that the supermodel knows how to snatch us with her visuals no matter what age she is. Who knew this squishy-cheeked kid would grow up to become the queen she is today?