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gifts for holiday babies
gifts for holiday babies
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Is Your Bestie’s Birthday During Holiday Szn? Here Are 10 Perfect Gifts To Get Them

As a holiday babe myself, more often than not, I fall victim to the dreaded “birthday and holiday” combo gift. Ugh! The horror. All jokes aside, it can be difficult to find the time to shop for the perfect gift for your holiday season birthday friends amidst your routine holiday shopping for the rest of the people on your list. You want your gift to be fit for a birthday, and not like the other plethora of holiday gifts they may be receiving this season. Or maybe you already have their holiday gift picked out, and now you’re scrambling for a birthday gift you can purchase for them, too. I know all too well how it feels to use up all your energy on the perfect birthday gift, only to turn around and realize another holiday is right around the corner. 

Allow me to take some stress off your holiday shopping. Below, I’ve compiled a list of 10 birthday gift ideas for your favorite Sagittarius or Capricorn. The following gift list is versatile — perfect for anyone on your list. Whether it’s shopping for a family member, a friend, a significant other, or a work colleague, these gifts are the perfect combination of cozy and chic, seasonal yet staple, and guaranteed to make their birthday special. If you stumbled upon this list and you’re not shopping for a birthday and rather just holiday shopping, feel free to use these ideas, just don’t let the Sagittarians and Capricorns in your life know — they can get a little territorial about the “birthday gift” and “holiday gift” distinction. (Not that I’m speaking from personal experience, of course.) 

Skims Cozy Knit Robe

This Skims Cozy Knit Robe ($128) is the perfect accessory to your bestie’s winter wardrobe. The soft, plush robe comes in numerous colors, with tank tops, body shorts, or flared pants you can purchase to match. If you want to take your gifting to the next level, indulge in a matching skims throw blanket or a pair of sherpa slippers.

Anthropologie Capri Blue Capriz Jar Candle

I know I’ve stepped into a home with a volcano candle the second I walk through the door. This dreamy Anthropologie Capri Blue Capriz Jar Candle ($25) gives off hints of fruity yet seasonal aromas, and is the perfect quick gift idea for anyone on your winter birthday list. Not sure if the fruity aroma is your friend’s vibe? Anthropologie offers this style of candle in numerous different scents and colors.

Barefoot Dreams Luxe Heathered Stripe Throw Blanket

Following suit with cozy gifting, this Barefoot Dreams Luxe Heathered Stripe Throw Blanket ($70) is a must for anyone on your list. I wish you could feel how soft this blanket is through the screen, but you’ll just have to take my word for it. Offered in numerous different colors and patterns, find a throw that will look great in your friend or family member’s house.

Papier Joy Recipe Journal

Not only does Papier have adorable planners and notebooks, but cookbooks, too! This Papier Joy Recipe Journal ($35) is perfect for your friend who loves to cook or bake. This item comes in numerous colors and can be personalized with your recipient’s name or initials. Each page allows room for a recipe title, recipe modifications, ingredients, and directions.

Nordstrom Initial Catch All Jewelry Tray

Another personalized gift option, this gift is perfect for the jewelry lover in your life. This trendy Nordstrom Initial Catch All Jewelry Tray ($15) comes in different colors and monograms, perfect as an eye-catching piece of decor for a room, an entryway table, or a nightstand.

Wrap Desert Oasis 1,000-Piece Puzzle

For your crafty friend, a cool puzzle could be just what they want for their birthday. Unlike typical holiday gifts, this vibrant Desert Oasis 1,000-Piece Puzzle by Wrap ($35) adds a pop of colorful cheer in their present pile. This 1,000 piece puzzle is no easy feat, and is perfect for when you’re holed up inside on a snowy day this winter.

Apotheke Earl Grey Bitters Candle & Diffuser Set

For your friend that loves to make their home their personal oasis, this Apotheke Earl Grey Bitters Candle & Diffuser Set ($58) is the perfect present. While Apotheke sells this product in numerous aromas, this diffuser’s scent is an intoxicating mix of earl grey tea, lemon, peony, and bergamot. The set comes complete with a matching candle.

Panacea Initial Ring

Monogrammed items make the perfect birthday gifts, and this Panacea Initial Ring ($25) is no exception. This stylish piece of jewelry is a great gift for when you don’t have a ton of time to put into your shopping, but you want to give a gift that has sentimental value.

Farmsteady Brooklyn Brew Shop Green Tea Kombucha Making Kit

For your friend that loves health and wellness, splurge on a kombucha making kit for a birthday present. This Farmsteady Brooklyn Brew Shop kit ($45) contains a fermenting jar, a cloth cover, liquid culture, green tea, and sugar. Just combine the ingredients together in your fermenting jar, wait one week, and enjoy!

PJ Salvage Long Sleeve Cotton Flannel Pajamas & Headband Set

A classic gift for any winter babe, a cozy flannel pajama set is always appreciated. Whether this PJ Salvage Flannel Set ($43) is for opening presents on a holiday morning or bundling up next to a fire while watching a holiday movie, nothing says self-care like the comfort of a matching pajama set.

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