Getting Ready for Thanksgiving with Miss Me

The countdown to Thanksgiving is in full force and for collegiettes, not only does this mean turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes, but also a breather with our families before the madness of finals.

With just over a week until this big dinner, I may already be thinking of what I want to wear and what I need to pack to go home (don’t judge!).

We all know Thanksgiving Day isn’t the day to wear our tightest pants…but you can’t exactly show up in sweatpants. So I wanted to find a pair of pretty, but Thanksgiving-practical pants — enter in Miss Me’s super cute leggings with faux leather accents on the sides. They’re extremely comfortable, but look fancy enough to wear on Thanksgiving. Plus they’re warm for my chilly east coast trip home and won’t stain if I end up spilling some cranberry sauce on them (hey, it happens!).

I was between two tops for the dinner—a sparkly Miss Me cream colored tunic and an olive green/leopard print button down, also from Miss Me. While I love sparkly things for the holidays, I’m thinking this top might be better for a Christmas party. Plus I really just fell in love with the olive/leopard print top. What do you think? Do you think I made the right choice for my November 27 meal? Weigh in below!

Now that I think I’ve got my holiday outfit all set, it’s time to start packing! It’s never too early to start, right? I got an adorable, yet practical (it fits so much stuff!) tote from Miss Me to bring my things home in! What am I packing? As you can see in this picture, I’ll be bringing a book (unfortunately can’t avoid schoolwork when home), my Miss Me outfit, heels for my outfit, my iPad and my makeup bag. While naturally I’ll need to bring more home for my four day trip, I’m all packed for my aunt’s house for our actual meal!

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