Get Your Own Personal Sale Shopper with Shop It To Me Threads

Collegiettes, what would you give to have your own personal shopping assistant? Imagine if there was someone who could tell you not only when all your favorite brands were on sale, but when they were on sale in your size. Or what if you could also get sale updates on your favorite trends and styles? Back to school shopping would never be easier (or better for your budget!). If only such a thing existed…

But now, it does. With Shop It To Me Threads, you can have your own personal sale shopper that tells you about sales on anything and everything you love. With the option to shop by your favorite brands (like Anthropologie, J. Crew, Michael Kors, J Brand, Rebecca Minkoff, among 800 other brands), trends you’re obsessed with (like printed denim or chambray), or other specific styles you love to rock (like ballet flats or skinny jeans), you can shop any way you’d like. Tell Threads your favorite brands, trends, and styles, and they’ll instantly gather sales in your size from 150+ sites to put all in one spot. Talk about shopping made easy!

Charlie Graham, Shop It To Me’s Founder and CEO, always loved sales and got frustrated when items would sell out in his size before he could find out about them – hello, XXS’s and XXL’s crowding the sale rack. According to Shop It To Me’s VP of Marketing Tamra Feldman, Graham got the idea for Shop It To Me when he thought, “Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that knew your preferences and told you when things went on sale that you care about?” We couldn't agree with him more.  

As Graham himself explains, “Most sites today try to guess your needs and wants by “spying” on you through the online equivalent of a surveillance camera. After watching you from afar, they make recommendations based on what they think you might like – without really understanding who you are or what you want. We believe in a different model – one that is simpler and more transparent: we ask you what you what you want… and then we deliver it.” And so Shop It To Me was born. 

Fall season is approaching, and there’s no better time to recruit the world’s best personal shopper. Happy shopping, collegiettes!