Get in Loser, We're Going Shopping: The 2000s Accessories We're Adding to Cart This Week

We’ve all learned by now that fashion trends come back around every few decades, specifically, about every 30 years or so. Granted, they come back with little, modernized changes, but for the most part, they are recycled. Let’s take a look at jeans: slimmer, high-waisted jeans were the style in the ’60s, made popular again in the ’90s and again today; and wide-leg, lower cut jeans appeared in the ’70s and were simply made even lower waisted in the 2000s. A little scary right?

Since the 90’s style has been the inspiration on the shelves lately, we can only expect to see the iconic trends of the 2000’s come back next. Here are the top seven accessories of the era and where to get them.

  1. 1. Hair Clips

    H&M,, $3; shop now

    Before the age of super sly bobby pins, we all rocked these trendy bad boys. My seven-year-old self is squealing with excitement at their long-awaited comeback.

  2. 2. Hip Belts

    Urban Outfitters,, $20; shop now

    In 2019, we still stan high waisted jeans over the 2000s undies-revealing denim, so we don’t need actual functioning belts to keep our Calvin’s from sight. These trendy hip-hugging belts won’t actually help hold your pants in place, but they certainly contribute an edgy element to your outfit.

  3. 3. Lucite Bracelets

    Bauble Bar,, $38; shop now

    Along with jelly, hemp and friendship, these were one of the many kinds of bracelets worn by the arm load in the early 2000s –– and nearly two decades later, they’re starting to reappear all over the internet.

  4. 4. Strappy Kitten Heel Sandals

    Zara,, $50; shop now

    Has anyone ever seen a picture of Carrie Bradshaw or Paris Hilton without their essential strappy one-inch heels? Seriously, think about it. These were initially made in the ’50s and often referred to as “trainer heels” for adolescent girls who were thought to be too young for full high heels. Basically, they are the more comfortable, but equally stylish option, so count me in!

  5. 5. Nameplate Necklace

    Bauble Bar,, $138; shop now

    Another one of Carrie Bradshaw’s signature looks was her iconic gold “Carrie” necklace. The nameplate logo necklace wasn’t just a Sex and the City staple, it’s a literal timestamp of 2000s fashion, everyone was rocking one.

  6. 6. Bowler Bag

    Nordstrom,, $255; shop now

    Goodbye, micro bag that may have fit your Motorola flip phone, but doesn’t stand a chance against any iPhone Plus models. The bowling bag was the bag slung across every celeb’s shoulder before this microscopic nonsense (only kidding, I totally have like five minis that I love dearly). It’s about time this more practical purse made it's way back in style––it’s like a mini duffle bag that’s socially accepted as a fashion accessory, who wouldn’t want one?!

  7. 7. Rimless Sunglasses

    Urban Outfitters,, $18; shop now

    Along with undersized sunglasses, colorful, rimless shades have been popping up all over the internet. They can be found in pretty much any tint imaginable, which makes styling that much more fun and give off the ultimate cool-girl vibe.

Some may be dreading the revival of the 2000s, but we said the same thing at first glance of the mom-jean comeback and now we wear nothing but. These are the “It” accessories of the decade that have already been flying off the shelves upon their return.

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