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FYI, These Are the 7 Winter Style Items That Everyone in NYC Is Wearing

New York City is arguably one of the best fashion capitals in the world. Yes, we know that romantic Paris is often lauded as the cornerstone for all things fashion. But NYC’s style has a breath of fresh air associated with her. The streets of Manhattan and Brooklyn are where luxurious designer combines with effortless streetwear. You’ll never see a style so unique as NYC fashion — or fashionistas as eclectic.

After looking at some of the best winter trends this year according to ELLE, we’ve decided to turn to our favorite NYC bloggers for tips on how to style the hottest new winter trends. Here’s to hoping that some of these amazing pieces end up in our closets this holiday season!

1. Animal print

Fur coats may be out, but who said animal print had to join it too? Gone are the days where animal print is associated with over-the-top style. The resurgence of cheetah, leopard, and even snakeskin print is best done with an understated outfit. Just check out CeCe Olisa’s interpretation — she lets the jacket shine, pairing it with a simplistic black outfit and bright boots. Let your animal print do the talking to execute this trend this winter!

2. Glossy shine



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The new trend of mini-dresses and party outfits that shine bright like a literal diamond (shout out Rihanna) are the perfect touches for any New Years’ Party you attend this year. Not only will you be completely on trend, but you can accessorize your silvery getup with some statement earrings — much like NYC blogger Alexandra Dieck.

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3. Jumpsuits



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Jumpsuits are back baby, and we’re loving every second of it. Jumpsuits are simply the best fallback outfit for any event — you can push the boundaries at your formal, or simply put a stylish twist on your typical class outfit of jeans and a sweater. Not only will the sidewalk be your catwalk, but you’ll also be staying warm and comfy throughout the chilly winter. Karen from wheredidugethat.com demonstrates the best way to beat the city chill this winter by pairing her daring jumpsuit with a turtleneck.

4. Checkered print



A post shared by Olivia Jeanette (@oliviajeanette_) on

Don’t want to lose your bold spring style but aren’t sure how to combine the best of both seasons? Don’t put your printed coats away yet—Olivia Jeannette shows the rest of us how to walk the fine line of staying cozy whilst maintaining a sense of style. Checkered print coats will have you looking ready to strut down 5th Avenue while protecting yourself against the bitter wind. Wear this print with a decent pair of jeans and a solid pair of boots.  

5. Luxurious, soft coats



A post shared by Color Me Courtney ? (@colormecourtney) on

If you don’t want to sacrifice style for warmth this winter (let’s be real—our parkas just make us look like the Michelin man), you’re in luck. One of the biggest trends this wintry season are luxurious coats (faux fur, obviously) and teddy coats that’ll keep you snuggled for your winter hibernation. Our bright and bubbly NYC fave Color Me Courtney already has this trend down, showing you don’t have to forgo your girly side for comfort in the freezing cold!

6. Berets



A post shared by ANDREA PION (@asliceopi) on

So while NYC definitely has the most unique fashion in the world…that doesn’t mean that NYC-based bloggers can’t take inspiration from the best. Berets are finally back in, and our middle school dreams of rolling up to school in a beret and red lipstick can finally be attained. You may not be able to jet set to Paris over winter break, but you can bring Paris to your closet—much like NYC blogger Andrea Pion, who pairs her standout beret with a less exaggerated outfit. Much like animal print, let your hat be the center of your outfit here!

7. Tweed 



A post shared by Leandra (Medine) Cohen (@leandramcohen) on

If you want to feel like a professional badass this winter while still maintaining your boundary-breaking individuality, brightly printed tweed is the look for you. Man Repellers CEO Leandra Cohen pulls the trend off perfectly with a royal blue tweed blazer with several statement pieces and a warm, printed turtleneck. Head to a brunch meetup with your high school friends looking like a boss in your new tweed blazer.

Whether you’re driving around the backstreets of your hometown or making the streets of your favorite city your personal red carpet, these trendy essentials are your next step to becoming the fashion blogger you’ve always dreamed of! Who knows—maybe you’ll be the next influencer on this list someday. Happy shopping!

Maddie is a senior majoring in journalism and public relations in the College of Communication at Boston University. Hailing from suburban Philadelphia, Maddie is incredibly happy to be back in Boston for her fourth year. This year, she's looking forward to spending all of her money on brunch, downing lots of coffee, and of course, writing and editing at Her Campus. Outside of Her Campus, Maddie is involved with her sorority and exploring all of Boston.