3 Cozy Winter Essentials You'll Need for When It's F*cking Freezing

The holiday season is full of magic, laughter, and freezing cold weather. The moment the temperature outside slips below freezing I am absolutely beside myself with dread. If you’re anything like me, you’ll turn into a bit of a Grinch anytime you have to venture outside in a frozen winter wasteland. Winter is a cold and cruel mistress, but luckily there are a few essentials to stock up on that will keep the bitter cold temperatures from feeling too punishing.

Fleece Jacket

There’s a reason these jackets have been popping up at every store to the point where they’re practically unavoidable. Fleece jackets are the perfect layering piece for keeping you nice and toasty without making the rest of your outfit bulky. These have oddly but understandably become a trend for their ability to somehow look posh and outdoorsy at the same, while also being cozy AF. If you actually go out to buy anything on this list, choose this one.



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Blanket Scarf

I can’t think of a better solution for walking in the freezing cold and working in a chilly office than a blanket scarf. Just tuck your whole face into your gigantic scarf while you’re outside to keeps your nose from freezing, and then you have a whole ass blanket to snuggle up with while you’re at work. EVERYONE should have one of these, it’s a total win-win.



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Okay, I know that nobody really wears earmuffs anymore BUT I think we should all start. Sure, hats could keep your ears warm, but earmuffs are the real winners because they won’t mess up your hair or create a lot of annoying static. You’ll also look like a wealthy trust fund baby and if the law of attraction has any hold, you’ll definitely want to be channeling that kind of energy.



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My heart goes out to all of you struggling with the frigid temperatures, so these tips should help keep you cozy and warm throughout the worst winter weather. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go buy the fuzziest pair of earmuffs I can find.