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11 Fun Holiday Dresses Under $31, No Matter What Your Plans Are

Your favorite holiday sweater feeling a bit exhausted? I know, mine are too. So this year, my idle mind has dreamed up the idea of the Festive Frock. It’s the kind of irony 2020 has undoubtedly called for this holiday season, and let’s face it – these dresses will brighten your spirits as much as the room you’re in.

From Ugly Christmas Sweater turned dress, to looking like the tree at Rockafeller center and everything in between, you're guaranteed to find something on this list to refresh your holiday apparel and celebrate like no one is watching. Plus, they'll make your insta look fierce or whimsical, if not both!

Holiday Bow Cami Dress

Now you, too, can have a video of yourself shouting, "I am a present!!" Yes, I have one of those. Not my finest moment.

Available in sizes S - M. 

Forever 21, $19; Shop Now

Christmas Tree Pom Pom Long Sleeve Dress

The star atop the xmas tree has competition now... it's you, in this dress.

Available in sizes XS - 3X.

Target, $23; Shop Now

Sequin Christmas Tree Dress

I didn't realize christmas trees had legs and arms! Wow!

Available in sizes S - L. 

Forever 21, $16; Shop Now

Brave Soul Fairisle Christmas Sweater Dress

Definitely the cutest ugly Christmas sweater I've seen yet... and it's a dress!

Available in sizes XS - L. 

asos, $31; Shop Now

Sequin Bow-Front Tube Dress

Mrs. Claus vibes, but make it sexy.

Available in sizes S - L. 

Forever 21, $15; Shop Now

Fit and Flare Cocktail Dress

This dress is both adorable and a meme. Not sure how it pulled that off, but I'm here for it regardless.

Available in sizes S - XXL.

Amazon, price varies; Shop Now

Plunging Neck Mesh-Overlay Maxi Dress

And if you're searching for gala vibes this holiday season, look no further. The living room x Met Gala is the collab we didn't know we needed. 

Available in sizes XS - L. 

SHEIN, $23; Shop Now

Abstract Candy Cane Dress

Okay so this dress isn't ~officially~ modeled after candy-canes, but you can't tell me it doesn't give you hella peppermint vibes.

Available in sizes S - 3X. 

Amazon, $30; Shop Now

Sequin Cami Mini Dress

This dress will transition seamlessly from to holidays to New Year's, giving you extra bang for your buck. Plus, it's gorgeous.

Available in sizes 0X - 3X.

Forever 21, $17; Shop Now

Tinsel Garland Mini Dress

Why hang the tinsel when you can be the tinsel?

Available in sizes 0X - 3X.

Forever 21, $20; Shop Now

Holiday Spirits Fit & Flair Sweater Dress

They say you are what you drink, or something like that!

Available in sizes S - 2XL.

Kohls, $24; Shop Now

Whether you're searching for dazzling sequins or the fiercest meme-y fit around, hopefully there's at least one dress on this list to meet your needs. 

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Elizabeth Sander is a National Writer for Her Campus and a recent graduate from Tufts University, where she earned a BA in English and French. Elizabeth served as a Her Campus Editorial Intern for the Fall of 2020 and loved every minute. When not writing articles about all things culture and style (or the occasional personal essay), Elizabeth spends time creative writing, reading and working on flying crow pose. Next up on Elizabeth's agenda is Columbia J-School! Find her on insta @elizsander or for meals inspo @confinemnt_kitchn
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