This Froot Loops Backpack Will Feed Your '90s Nostalgia

Food has to be one of my very favorite fashion trends. Whether it's a pizza pool floatie or a "Fries Before Guys" shirt, I'm all about this yummy fashion scene. My wardrobe is reaching an ultimate foodie peak, now with the new release of the TimBuk2 x Froot Loops Tuck Pack. Yes, you heard me right! You can go back to school or work sporting a backpack with your favorite colorful cereal on it.

Created by Alexis de Coninck, Michelle Nadeau and the amazing minds at Timbuk2, the theme of this backpack is "Whatever Froots Your Loops" which encourages wearers to stay true to themselves and enjoy every minute of this fun fashion choice. I'm personally obsessed with my Tuck Pack, and was amazed at how much it can hold! Created and assembled in San Francisco, it has tons of pockets, and sturdy but lightweight polyester material. Not only will I be throwing all my notebooks and computer in it for my work commute, but I could definitely see myself using this as a signature travel bag.

If you're anything like me, everything about this bag is a dream. The catch? Only 100 bags will be available ~ever~. Talk about limited-edition! Visit Timbuk2's  Manhattan storefront or their website for the chance to claim your bag. If you're worried about the short supply, check out the other unique designs Timbuk2 has to offer!