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Fashion Highlights from College Fashion Week 2012

The lights went up, the music blasted, and models stormed the runway for one last time. After four amazing shows in four cities across the country, College Fashion Week™ has come to a close – but that doesn’t mean you can’t relive the experience here on Her Campus! After our final show in Santa Barbara, we can’t stop reminiscing about the glamour and excitement of each event, not to mention having so many HC fans come out to support us! 

With the help of U by Kotex, College Fashion Week™ brought the style scene of New York and Paris to college campuses across the country, showcasing favorite brands such as H&M, Michael Kors, BCBG, Guess, Nike, and Adidas in a collegiette-specific environment. Additionally, we partnered with big labels or local boutiques for each show, such as Ann Taylor LOFT in Ann Arbor, Cousin Couture in Raleigh, and Francesca’s Collection in Santa Barbara.

Between looking pulled together for class, sporty-chic for the gym, classy on the weekends, and fashion-forward at formal events, CFW models showed us all how to be our most stylish selves for every facet of college life.

For a little more about what went into planning each College Fashion Week™ show, we interviewed our College Fashion Week™ Stylist, Yekatherina Bruner, who traveled across the country with us for each event. From organizing looks to styling each model individually, she was an integral part of making the event a success. Below, we asked her a few questions about what College Fashion Week was like for her.

What kind of preparation do you put into an event like College Fashion Week™? 
Attention to detail is key. We make sure all the logistics are taken care of so all the pieces of the puzzle come together. As far as clothing, the audience dictates the kind of clothing for the show. For College Fashion Week™, I knew I wanted to follow the project’s slogan “Upgrade your life” by presenting looks that were appealing to the college audience, making them look put together, comfortable, trendy and price savvy.

What is your process when styling the looks for CFW?
I try to read the model’s personality as soon as I meet her as well as her personal coloring and undertones. Colors are a deal breaker when putting an outfit together. If I have the wrong color on a model it will not look good on the runway. Also, I make sure that models LOVE and feel good in the clothes they are wearing so they can show that energy on the runway.

Take us through a play-by-play of College Fashion Week™for you: 
When we first get to a venue, we look for the best way to organize our backstage. Clothes are organized in racks by segments and then steamed on the hangers. We then line up all of the shoes (we have about 45 pairs) and accessories. As models arrive they are assigned to either the Class and Weekend segments or Gym and Formal. And then the craziness begins… I style models one by one. Clothes come and go until I find the perfect fit, color and style for EVERY single model. When I see a big smile on their faces (and mine as well), I know that a great outfit has been accomplished!

After everyone has been fitted, we work on their runway walks. There are small tricks that will make a big difference on how to show off your clothes on the runway. We work on choreography and music and do a final rehearsal.

At show time, all the models line up backstage and adrenaline runs wild. My job is to keep everyone focused and concentrated so the show happens without a glitch.

What advice do you have for aspiring stylists hoping to break into the industry?
Intern, intern, intern! Let people see your abilities. Don’t be afraid of making little or no money at the beginning (do have a back up job until you get more settled in the industry). When you are good at what you do, the word spreads quickly. Networking is also a great way to find projects. Producers are always looking for fresh talent that can bring new ideas. Keep knocking on doors, and never, ever give up!

Who is your personal style icon?
I will always be inspired by Jackie O’s style. And I love Anne Hathaway: classic and chic but always young and trendy.

What were your favorite moments of College Fashion Week™? Let us know in the comments below and keep an eye out for our next fashionable ventures!

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Emilie Sintobin is a senior at Boston College studying French and Art History. A diehard fashion enthusiast and francophile, she dreams of the day she can return to Paris, where she spent a semester studying abroad last year. This fall, in addition to writing for Her Campus BC, she is also joining the Her Campus National team as an editorial intern. In her spare time, Emilie devours the pages of Vogue Paris and W, loves listening to oldies tunes, and can't get enough of a good old-fashioned dance party.