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BUY IT NOW OR CRY LATER: Acne Treatments, Throw Pillows & More Fall College Essentials

Meet Buy It Now, Or Cry Later, our monthly roundup of cute, chic, funny, or just truly essential things our editors are buying right now. Because we like to shop, and you like to shop, so let’s shop together, shall we? RIP to our bank accounts. This time around, enjoy our special back-to-college edition.

FAB Pharma White Clay Acne Treatment Pads

First Aid Beauty, firstaidbeauty.com, $30; shop now

I wish I had a before and after picture from the first time I used these acne treatment pads, because the results were that good. Not only does a quick wipe across my face erase blemishes, it also evens out my overall skin texture. Even my roommate commented on the effect — that I went from a bumpy, irritated complexion to a completely neutral one in under an hour. Truly the best thing ever, and you’ll need them to keep skin clear during back to school breakouts. – Gina

FAB Pharma BHA Acne Spot Treatment Gel

First Aid Beauty, firstaidbeauty.com, $26; shop now

If you’ve been suffering from severe “maskne” these days like I have, you need to add this spot treatment to your cart ASAP. I’ve been getting terrible white heads on the sides of my nose and stubborn pimples on my chin, but a thin layer of this gel clears them up and keeps the blemishes from reappearing again. It’s also discreet to wear under makeup throughout the day, so tysm FAB for consistently knocking my skincare-obsessed socks off. – Gina

Tiled Margot Monogram Mug

Anthropologie, anthropologie.com, $12; shop now

As far as I’m concerned, a good day starts with a good cup of coffee. And honestly, I am convinced that my morning cup of caffeine tastes even better in a chic cup, as proven by this tiled monogram mug. Sitting down before work begins and enjoying my warm cup of coffee (with oat milk, thank you for asking) from this cup is honestly the highligh of my day. – Danielle

Better Homes & Gardens Round Tufted Velvet Pillow

Better Homes & Gardens, walmart.com, $15; shop now

I’m a firm believer that you can never have too many throw pillows. These round, tufted pillows from Walmart are the perfect addition to any BTC situation. They’re soft, chic, and super affordable. – Maddie

Essential Ink Aromatherapy Pen

Essential Ink, essential.ink, $20; shop now

I’ve never really bought into the alleged healing properties of essential oils, but I know plenty of people that swear by them. What I do buy into is a crisp, fresh scent – between candles, diffusers and room sprays, there’s always something good to smell in my house.

So whether lavendar oil really calms you down or you just love the smell of citrus lingering in the air, this pen is the perfect fit. Built with a special compartment at the top, you can cover the (included) reusable pads or wicks with your favorite essential oils, which will diffuse into your own personal space as you write and keep you focused on the task at hand (thanks, peppermint!) or give you the illusion that your messy room is sparkling clean (thanks, lemon). – Sammi

Eban Faux Leather Backpack

Sole Society, nordstrom.com, $60; shop now

No matter what your schooling situation looks like this semester, you deserve a kickass backpack. This faux leather stunner from Nordstrom is my favorite because it’s small enough that it doesn’t overpower you but big enough to fit all of your school stuff. Plus, it’s a great piece for fall! – Maddie

Taiga Premium Scented Candle

Nanor Candles, nanorcollection.com, $37; shop now

I recently moved into a new apartment, and it was time for a complete candle re-stock. I saw that Gigi Hadid had one of these Nanor Candles in her home, and I obv needed one too. The scent sets the perfect tone in my new place, and the burn time has been oh-so impressive. If you’re looking for some new scents for your dorm or sophisticated desk decor, I cannot recommend enough. – Gina

Gina was formerly the Beauty & Culture Editor at Her Campus, where she oversaw content and strategy for the site's key verticals. She was also the person behind @HerCampusBeauty, and all those other glowy selfies you faved. She got her start in digital media as a Campus Correspondent at HC Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where she graduated in 2017 with degrees in English and Theater. Now, Gina is an LA-based writer and editor, and you can regularly find her wearing a face mask in bed and scrolling through TikTok.