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Fall 2010 Fashion, Inspired by our Favorite TV Shows

Carrie Bradshaw introduced us to Manolo Blahnik mary-janes and gave us the confidence to stroll down 5th Avenue in dresses entirely covered with flowers. When “Gossip Girl” premiered in fall 2007 we fell in love with Blair Waldorf’s bold headbands and preppy couture. TV has been inspiring fashion for ages—what do fall 2010 shows have in store for us?

  1. 2000s Throwback

The new ABC series “My Generation” is a mockumentary that follows the lives of a group of high school students who graduated in 2000 in Austin, Texas as they stumble through what Time magazine calls “the decade from hell.” While the events that shape their lives are mostly tragic, you will get a walk down memory lane of all the styles that came to and left your closet and graced the pages of Elle in the past ten years. Obviously breaking out the complete Juicy tracksuit/Uggs/trucker hat combo would look a bit silly nowadays, but mix-matching your vintage items with contemporary trends can look very refreshing. Look through your old clothes and you just might find a gem!

  1. Indian Spices

NBC’s “Outsourced”, as its name suggests, traces the story of an American call-center that has been outsourced to India, and the hilarious cultural faux pas that ensue as manager Todd Dempsey tries to navigate his way through a new country. Indian fashion is known for its vibrant colors, intricate and feminine patterns and luxurious fabric. Bring some heat to your campus by pairing skinny jeans and heels with an Indian pattern-inspired top or bedazzling your blazer neckline with an exotic necklace.

Lucky Brand, $55

Kandahar trading company, $30

Lucky Brand $35

  1. Urban Pastels

NBC’s “Love Bites”, thank goodness, is not another vampire epic. It’s a contemporary urban chic drama where a virgin girl’s friend decides to pretend to be a virgin and pick up more men, and the cast ensemble includes Jennifer Love Hewitt, Matt Parkman from “Heroes” and Darryl the warehouse guy from “The Office”.  It’s a bit complicated.

Instead of the bold tones and slightly ridiculous hair-dos of “Sex and the City” and “Lipstick Jungle”, the fashion of “Love Bites” has a penchant for the soft, natural girl-next-door look mixed with edgier details, such as sexy super high stiletto heels. Instead of forcefully straightened or artificially luxurious curls, the heroines sport young, simple yet sexy wavy styles, complemented perfectly with cocktail dresses in dollhouse colors and lots of foundation and lipstick.

Scala, $197.99

Imaginary Diva, $34.99

Enigma, $24.99

IMAGE, $10.99

  1. College Blair Flare

After chatting with my girlfriends I realized I wasn’t the only one who noticed Blair from “Gossip Girl” doesn’t wear headbands anymore. As the show embarks on its fourth season, the characters have been out of high school for a year and are making a unanimous effort to leave prep school trends behind. No more headbands, folded skirts, sweater vests and ruffled shirts, the new Blair is all about embracing the latest runway trends but still staying true to herself. Skirts, blazers, totes, heels, action!  Tale a cue from Blair and ditch your high-school look in favor of something more mature. 

top shop, £45.00

top shop, £39.00

top shop, £30.00

forever 21, $29.80

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