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Everything You Need to Know About Blowout Bars

I’m going to be honest, here. I still haven’t figured out my hair. I don’t know how to make it look sleek and glamorous and often gaze curiously at the luscious locks of passerby wondering “how ​do you do it?” Luckily, now I don’t even have to figure it out. With the new blowout bar trend, I can just dip into any of the numerous “dry bars” in the morning and emerge looking like I had a team at my disposal. Because I did. Here’s everything you need to know about these new wonderful hair salons, and how to try it out yourself.

What is a blowout bar?

The typical blowout bar is a salon that eschews the usual cut and color. It’s a bar dedicated to styling, and styling on-the-go. Blowout bars are quick, often much cheaper options to heading to a salon to have your hair styled. Thanks to their cheaper prices, they aim to make glamorous hair accessible to every woman, every day. One such salon, the aptly named “Blowout” states, “We know life isn’t just about the occasional gala event, so we are open 7 days a week”, citing that their services are “faster, more affordable, and so much more fun than your typical salon”. So what’s the big deal about the blow dry bars? They specialize in styling, they make it quicker, easier, and cheaper and often provide an environment to make you feel like your hair is getting celebrity-style treatment–for a special occasion or any old day.

How does it work?

Most blow out bars work similarly. You can make a reservation online on their website (see below). Most blow out bars also have options for parties or hosting events, with bachelorette parties, birthdays, special girl’s nights out, etc. as suggestions. Some blow out bars, in the name of conveniency for their customers, are open as early as 6:30 and close as late as 10 pm, so that you can polish up before work or glam up before a night out. The average price for the standard blow out runs about $30, and many salons have options for quicker, “dry” styles (braiding, non-wash updos) for even less. Your experience will vary once you enter the salon, depending on which one you visit. Many, however, follow a similar pattern. You arrive and select a style from their menu, generally in the form of a flipbook with photos. Then you sit down and get prepare to be pampered! When you leave (most stylings take around 40 minutes or less), you will have a head full of glamorous hair that looks as if it were celebrity styled.

Where can I find a blow out bar?

Blow dry bars have spread all across the country! Below I have profiled a few samples from across the country for you lovely ladies. If your city isn’t listed here, don’t fear! These salons are now established in just about every major city, and can be located via a quick Google search

DreamDry, Manhattan, NY 

If you live in New York and are looking for a blowout bar, you have a large number to choose from. DreamDry was started by Rachel Zoe with the goal that “every day should be glamorous”. DreamDry’s innovative catch is that they use Ipads to streamline their entire process- and provide you with one of your own to use throughout your blowdry experience. You select your hairstyle by flipping through styles on the Ipad, you are free to browse online magazines while you are being styled, and you use the same Ipad when an attendant comes over to your station to help you check out. $40 blowout, $30 express style, braid, and pony. 

Location: Flatiron District, coming soon: Columbus Circle

Dry Bar, (various locations)

Available in many cities throughout the country, Dry Bar operates according to the declaration, “Focus on one thing and be the best at it”. Also a cute touch, they really stick to the dry “bar” theme, offering “bar tabs” and “gift coasters” instead of gift cards, products like “100 proof” treatment oil and “the chaser” shine pomade, and including rejuvenating “hair shots” on their menu. They also win my personal award for cutest website design. $40 blowouts. 

Locations: through California, Washington D.C., Arizona, Atlanta, GA, New York, Texas, and expanding!

Blowout, Portland, OR

Recently named one of the “Best Blowout Bars in the Country” by Lucky Magazine, Blowout is sassy, fun, and encourages every woman to bring out the glamour within herself. Its menu includes such styles as “the flirt” and “sleek and chic”, and also offers a braid and color bar to jazz things up! As if getting your hair expertly styled didn’t already sound like enough of a luxurious event, Blowout also offers “Mimosa Sundays”, during which every customer is provided a free mimosa with their blowout. Blowouts $32. 

Gust-O, Boston, MA

Gust-O is an accessible, local dry bar offering a full blowout menu in addition to professional makeup application. Insisting that “whatever you do, you do it with gust-o”, their website even maintains a wonderful blog on all things beauty, health, and a few fun DIYs! Blowouts $35.

Now that blow out bars have spread all throughout the country, there’s no reason you shouldn’t treat yourself to a luxurious celebrity hair treatment. Seriously, you could be sporting French model level hair right now! Made much more accessible by the increased affordability, accessibility, and efficiency of blow out bars. Time to blow everyone away!

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