Every Outfit Timothée Chalamet Wore At The Toronto Film Festival Ranked

If one good thing came from 2017, it was the emergence of Timothée Chalamet. And as if starring in three critically acclaimed films, seducing the internet and being nominated for an Oscar weren’t enough, Chalamet managed to add one more title to his resume—style star, a feat accomplished without the help of a stylist. (Remember the iconic white tux he wore to the 2018 Academy Awards?)

But after the Oscars, Chalamet kind of disappeared, choosing to focus on his slate upcoming projects (Netflix’s The King, Greta Gerwig’s Little Womenand a new adaptation of Dune). So, after being off the radar for months, we all knew that Timothée Chalamet’s reemergence last week at the Toronto International Film Festival was poised to be one of the biggest style moments of the year. And sure enough, Timothée did not disappoint. 

In addition to debuting a swoon-worthy new haircut (don’t @ me), Chalamet rocked the deepest of all V-Necks, bold prints galore and a green velvet suit in the eleven (yes, eleven) outfits he wore in the few days he was there. And while it is literally impossible for him to look less than stunning, there were some clear winners. 

So, without further ado, here is every outfit Timothée Chalamet wore at the 2018 Toronto International Film Festival, ranked. 

11. The Pink Hoodie 




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Even on the trip to Toronto, Chalamet was setting the style bar very high with his choice of a pink hoodie. Less confident and fashionable celebs may have chosen a hoodie in a muted color, but Timothée, the star that he is, knew that an interesting color is the key to taking an outfit from good to great. Bonus points to him for looking this good after a day of travel. 

10.  The Ellen DeGeneres Shirt 



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There is nothing I love more than a celebrity that repeats an outfit. Why? Because it shows that they’re just like us. Those that follow Timothée on Instagram, will remember that in May of this year, he posted a selfie in which he was wearing this exact shirt (while drinking orange juice). 




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Well, fast forward four months, and the Ellen shirt has made a reappearance. And who can blame him? If I made an appearance on Ellen, I would wear that shirt every day. 

9. The Classic White T-shirt 



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A classic look that he rocks with ease and confidence. What more can be said? 

8. The Floral Button Down 




i love his shirt so much

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Remember the shirt that Troy wore when he and Gabriella met in the first High School Musical? This is basically the 2018 version of that. 

7. The (Patterned) V-Neck Sweater




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Here’s where things get fun. On Friday, at one of his numerous press events, Timothée busted out this bold sweater. First of all, I don’t know how hot it was in Toronto, but I imagine it wasn’t totally autumnal, so props to him for rocking a full sweater (I would be sweating like crazy). Second of all, this print is perfect for on-camera appearances, as it is detailed yet doesn’t distract from his face, or the interviews he’s participating in.  

6. The Oversized Cardigan 




he looks so small and cute <3

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For this look, Chalamet paired an oversized cardigan in a bold print with a look he rocked earlier in the day—a plain lilac shirt (see look #5). This is the perfect example of how to create two different looks out of basically the same outfit. 

5. The Purple V-neck with Fun Socks 




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This was the first ~official~ look that he rocked at the festival and there is a lot going on. First, this was the debut of the new haircut (which he totally rocks--it adds to his indie-star look). Second, this was the first (and deepest) of the V-necks he wore throughout the day on Friday. Third, the cropped suit pants and fun socks make this outfit professional, yet cool — the perfect vibe for one of Hollywood’s brightest young stars. 

4.The (Red) V-Neck Sweater




happy baby @tchalamet

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The third (and best) V-neck of the weekend, this red sweater (paired with the same pants from look #5), is simultaneously bold, yet simple. Without any distracting patterns or silhouettes, this bright red sweater shows Timothée Chalamet is not here to mess around. 

3.The Green Velvet Suit

Last awards season, Timothée Chalamet rocked his fair share of velvet. And it looks like he poised to do it again this year. While not a full-on velvet suit, the green velvet sports coat, paired with black pants and shoes is a step in the right direction, giving off a luxe look for an evening of parties and mingling. 

2.The Bold Suit 





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For the premiere of his new film Beautiful Boy (the reason he was serving looks in Toronto in the first place), Chalamet chose to once again collaborate with his favorite designer (who created his 2018 Oscars look), Haider Ackermann. The black suit featured what could be described as white floral detailing all over the front and back.




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Chalamet paired the suit with some black leather boots. So often men phone it in on red carpets, opting for simple tuxes, but Timothée Chalamet opted to take a risk, and boy did it work. (Side note: The shorter hair looks hella tight with this outfit.)

1. The Patterned Button Down 




HIS OUTFIT YES @tchalamet

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For another day with press (including a fun interview with MTV’s Josh Horowitz), Timothée Chalamet rocked the best look of the weekend: a patterned button-down with a simple pair of jeans. It may not have been as luxe or extravagant as some of the other outfits he wore over the weekend, but the bright colors fit his bubbly and enthusiastic personality. And with the added benefit of the tousled hair, this outfit easily became iconic. 

But amid all of the fashion fun, we mustn't lose sight of why Timothée Chaalmet was wearing all of these outfits in the first place. He was at TIFF to promote his timely new movie, Beautiful Boy, a film that discusses addiction. The film has already generated a lot of awards buzz, which means we will hopefully be seeing Timothée in many more looks. 

Beautiful Boy hits theaters October 12.