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Emilia Clarke Just Dyed Her Actual Hair Khaleesi Blonde

Game of Thrones fans are obsessing over Emilia Clarke’s new hair… and its not for the reason you may think. Clark recently posted a photo to Instagram featuring her short, bleached bob that’s basically identical to the color she rocks while playing the Mother of Dragons. 

In her post, Clarke tags the popular show and explains that her new look is created by Kev Alexander and Candice Banks, the duo behind the glorious Khalessi wig and the rest of Dany’s iconic hair for the past seven seasons. Banks also posted a photo of the actress in the process of getting her hair done (which is currently the only photo on Banks’ Instagram account, so you know it must be important). 


And so the process begins…..#kevalexanderhair

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Fans aren’t just excited that the actress is starting to embody her character in real life. Many are speculating that this look has more to do with the next season of the show, and less to do with Clark’s personal style. As we’ve come to learn, hair is an important part of Game of Thrones because it often holds symbolic meaning. Sophie Turner recently divulged to Refinery29 that Sansa’s hair is often representative of “people she’s learning from, mimicking or inspired by.” With such a complex plot and story in each episode, this truly shows that each and every detail in Game of Thrones is carefully thought out and filled with meaning. 

What do you think? Does Clarke’s hair change signify some interesting future for Dany, or did the actress just realize how good the blonde color looked on her after years of wearing that wig? Only time will tell, but, in the wise words of Damien from Mean Girls, “Her hair is full of secrets.” 

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