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Earth Lovers: Green is the New Black

It’s amazing how many different companies and organizations get involved with and participate in Earth Week.  Everyone from Pro-Environment Organizations such as Surfrider Foundation to Starbucks is contributing in helping make everything and everyone more eco-friendly. 
I’m particularly excited about all of the fashion designers that are “going green”—and not even only just for Earth Week!  Everyone from Marc Jacobs to Levi’s to the ever-popular Toms Shoes is doing what they can to reduce their carbon and water footprints.  It’s so great to see how many people are involved with their “eco-fashions,” showing their support not only for the environment, but also for the consumers and future generations. 
We all need clothes and shoes, and it definitely makes all the difference when I’m shopping to know that certain clothes are made from organic raw materials, or that there are no harsh chemicals or bleaches used in the fabrics that are going to be in contact with my skin.  Taking into consideration your health and the environment when purchasing products go hand in hand—usually, when something is harmful to the environment, it’s not something you would want to be wearing all day long. 
And we usually don’t even consider the processes taken to make our clothing or food (which happen to use a lot of water), but thankfully, Levi’s started to, which lead to their new line of Water<Less Jeans.  Just like we’re saving water by taking three-minute showers, Levi’s new line of jeans is saving millions of liters of water with their new and improved manufacturing process. 
So, the next time you go shopping, take a few minutes to check out which clothes are helping your future.  There are tons of websites out there devoted to eco-fashions—check out Eco-Friendly Fashions, Eco Fashion World and Green Gretchen for starters. Even Rachel Zoe has her favorite “Fashionably-Conscious Picks.”  That way, you’ll leave the store (or website if you’re online shopping) feeling excited about your new purchase, and good about yourself—and why not throw in an extra few items if it’s good for the environment, right?
Where do you love to get your favorite fashion finds?  Are they eco-friendly?  What are some of your favorite eco-friendly purchases that you’ve already made?  Leave a comment below, email me (at [email protected]), or give me a shout-out on twitter telling me how you’re helping our environment when you shop!
And don’t forget to send in your submissions to the Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge Youtube Contest! Need some inspiration? Check out my video here.

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Melanie Shimano (Johns Hopkins University, '13) is a Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering major originally from Orange County, California. She is currently involved in research at the Johns Hopkins Hospital and also spends her time with various on-campus groups including her sorority (Phi Mu!), Jaywalk Dance Team, and AIChE/SBE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers/Society for Biological Engineers). When she's not busy with school, some of her favorite things to do are shopping, hanging out with friends, and eating sprinkles cupcakes. And she definitely looks forward to going to the beach when she visits back home during breaks since it rains in Balitmore almost every day (but she still loves Hopkins).
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