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Earth Lovers: Couch Potato Style

Getting only 3 hours of sleep Monday night is hitting me. Even though I felt alright during the day Tuesday and slept 7-8 hours last night, today I am feeling so sluggish. I guess this is my body telling me not to procrastinate on papers again. All I’ve wanted to do today was go to my 2 hours of class and then come home and sleep/catch up on my TV shows (yesssss, Glee FINALLY had a new episode this weeek!!).

Upon searching for the shows on Hulu, I came across a documentary they were promoting for Earth Day. “Flow: For Love of Water” explores the many sides of water: social, political, environmental, economic, etc. I’ve only watched half of it so far, but I’ve found it really quite interesting. Given my motive for taking the Earth Lovers 3-Minute Shower Challenge and my interest in water resources, I found that this documentary tied into both.

This is one way you can kick-it like an Earth Lover, but couch potato style: education yourself, including watching documentaries. If you’re at all interested in the water crisis and/or like documentaries, I highly suggest you check out “Flow: For Love of Water” or other films such as “Blue Gold” (one of my favorites, available instantly on NetFlix). These documentaries highlight a lot of different perspectives on the water crisis, so I think it’s best to take them with a grain of salt.

What do you guys do when you want to kick-it couch potato style? Any other good documentaries on the water crisis and/or other environmental issues I should watch?

Also, just a side note: When I showered today, I used the Cucumber & Mint one from the Shower Gels for Earth Lovers line from The Body Shop. Not only did it make both my shower and bathroom smell like that delicious/fancy cucumber water you get at a spa, but it also soothed my slightly sunburned skin. SUCH a nice bonus to making me smelling great!

Today’s song: “Kick Drum Heart” – The Avett Brothers (2:54)
What I did with my extra time: Made a cake for my friends’ last IM soccer game. (I’m like the team soccer mom, of sorts.) Go Bear Calvary!!

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Laura is a junior studying Environmental Engineering Science focusing on water resources at UC Berkeley. In addition to blogging for the Earth Lovers Three-Minute Shower Challenge with The Body Shop & Her Campus, Laura is a sister in Gamma Phi Beta. She is also a member of the University of California Marching Band playing mellophone and trumpet. In her free time, Laura enjoys napping, cooking and baking, and photography. You can follow Laura on Twitter.
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