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Double Your Charitable Impact: Shop Styleta!

College students aren’t exactly known for having unlimited bank accounts, so it’s understandable that you might feel stressed about spending money on holiday gifts for friends and family. But for many women, the financial stress of the holiday season isn’t feasible. That’s why Styleta, our favorite discount designer store, is running a special “Double Your Impact” sale this month.

Styleta already donates the proceeds from its sales to charities that support women’s initiatives worldwide, such as Dress for Success. This month, however, the proceeds of each sale will be matched by a sponsor. When you spend $20 on a new top, a total of $40 will be donated to help women around the world. It’s a socially conscious form of shopping: you get new designer duds at a discounted price and women in need will receive a little extra holiday cheer.

The holidays aren’t just about receiving gifts; they’re about giving, too! Rather than dropping money at the mall, double your impact this month by shopping Styleta for your holiday gifts. It’s a purchase you can feel great about – and you’ll make others feel great, too!

Originally from Boston, Hannah is now a sophomore at New York University and loves life in the big city. Her favorite things include poking fun at celebrities on Twitter, yoga, leopard print shoes, Frank Sinatra, and her little sister Julia. Hannah was Her Campus's first editorial intern in Summer 2010 and has since continued her involvement with HC as the High School Editor and head of the High School Ambassador program. She is a former Seventeen and Huffington Post intern, where she researched and wrote about celebrities and once made lunch for Kylie Jenner. Read her short-form ramblings at @hannahorens.
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