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Here’s How I Recreated this Luxury Christmas Tree in My Small Apartment for Under $100

Holiday decor can be quite the beast to tackle when you’re living in a dorm or a shoebox of an apartment. Decorations are expensive if you want them to last, and trees alone are unreasonably pricey – especially for something my cat’s going to destroy in under one night. Beyond the price, where the hell are you even supposed to put a Christmas tree? It was enough trouble making it so that the futon would fit in the living area – there’s certainly no room for anything else. But without, the season was feeling decidedly lacking, and I've been lamenting the fact that all of our perfectly wrapped presents were sitting alone on top of the table.

To minimize all of that, I went… well, miniature! I looked to interior stylist and holiday-obsessed Jenny Reimold for inspiration, and then I took to HomeGoods to find a way to manifest it in the little time I had left.  



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I got a tiny faux tree in a festive, plaid-lined bucket. I found a string of ornament lights in brushed gold and silver, a box of traditional style ornaments in the same color scheme, and a box of ornaments in funky shapes to mix it up a bit, plus a larger set of ornaments with golden accents that were deceptively lightweight! I was able to recreate the wonderfully chaotic variety of decorations from my inspo pics, without crushing my tiny tree under their weight.

[bf_image id="ckswfmrg5zfjw9wcx3qtpgg"] Then, for some personality, I took two of my holiday birds from Target and put them at the top, in place of a star or an angel. They don’t really fit the theme, but they sure do make me smile!  

So if your space – or your wallet – felt a little ill-equipped for the holidays this year, it’s not too late to turn it all around in time for Christmas.

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