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Geneve Lau
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This Marble DIY Dorm Room Transformation Will Blow Your Mind

Looking at this marble dresser, you’d probably think, “That’s got to cost $500, maybe $1,000? Whatever it is, I can’t afford it.” I feel that, because I thought the exact same thing. Honestly, I try to avoid looking at dream apartments and dorms, because I know that I could never afford a marble desk. But do I have news for you. This “marble” dresser is the sum total of the plain wooden dresser that your dorm comes with, plus a whopping $8.48. How, you ask? Marble contact paper, my friends.

That’s right.

This Boston University student went to Lowe’s, grabbed some contact paper, and went wild in her dorm room — her desk, her drawers, the coffee table, even a lovely cocktail setup! 

Have you ever seen anything so chic in a dorm room? Now, I know you’re probably a bit blown away and wondering how you can bring this incredible hack to life in your space. Enter Geneve, the marble-loving student who was inspired by one of her best friends. “Before freshman year started, a good friend of mine already started school at Baylor. Dhe did this to her dresser and I told her, ‘I’m stealing this idea,’” she tells Her Campus. After that, Geneve hit up Lowe’s.

I repeat: This dorm room transformation cost less than $10 at Lowe’s. If that’s not the best deal on the planet, I’m really not sure what is. Here’s a tour of Geneve’s room, so you can get the full effect: 

Since I am no contact paper expert, I asked for her best tips to create such a perfect and seemingly simple application. Geneve says, “[It takes] lots and lots of patience! Folding over the edge helps. And mini scissors.” Get ready for this major life hack: “If you get massive bubbles, a thumbtack can actually poke a microscopic hole that you can squeeze all the air out of.” Genius! 

Well, I am extremely impressed, and currently pulling out my wallet so I can Amazon Prime this to my door in the next 15 minutes — yes, it’s available on Amazon, too! 

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