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Doja Cat’s Paris Fashion Week Makeup Looks Are Turning Heads

There seems to be an unspoken rule between the world’s greatest pop stars to totally reinvent the fashion game in the most jaw dropping ways — and I’m absolutely here for it. Doja Cat’s wild makeup looks turned all the heads at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, pulling out some of the most expressive makeup looks for both the A.W.A.K.E Mode and Monot collection shows. The “Kiss Me More” singer, adorned in shimmery gold body paint for her first look, stole the spotlight for the spring/summer 2023 shows, and proved to all fashion lovers that these fresh looks are only the beginning! 

No one is rocking the makeup game like Doja and her artists, and Twitter seems to agree. Makeup artists Sophia Sinot and Laurel Charleston created some of the most memorable looks of the season with their abstract style beauty designs, and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. For now, let’s dive into some of Doja’s most stunning makeup looks that broke the internet this week!

Gold Bust

Looking like a literal Golden Globe award, the 26-year-old singer stepped out to a Jacquemus store during Paris Fashion Week, where she was met with both admiration and criticism for this bold makeup look created by Charleston. Some fans took to Twitter to praise the artist’s makeup choices, while others made the comment that ugly does not equate to artistic value. However, Doja defended her style choices on Twitter, letting critics know that she “wasn’t trying to look sexy or attractive,” and that when it comes to makeup, every look has a story where rules do not exist!

Illusion Makeup

On Oct. 5, Charleston tweeted a photo of Doja’s look, dubbed “illusion makeup,” for a party hosted by Beyoncé. The makeup look featured black swirls around the pop star’s face, with a black tear perfectly dropping down her right eye and again on her chin. According to Charleston, who took to Twitter to praise Doja’s creativity and passion, the look was inspired by Prague-based makeup artist, Nhu Quynh Le.  


While some fans said this blue and white face makeup created by Charleston was reminiscent of their favorite Smurf cartoon, others were dazzled by the risky makeup which featured a cool-blue face and red lip combo. Personally, I was in love with this stunning design and was even more blown away by the creative, sleeve-like arm designs! To complete the iconic look, Doja sported fierce black nails while her hands and arms were covered in black body paint, giving the illusion that she was wearing hole-sliced sleeves to pair with the alien-core face makeup. It’s a slay for me, besties!

Bruised Beauty

If you were worried about your favorite pop star after she appeared at the Paris Fashion Week Balenciaga show on Oct. 2, don’t worry, it was all an illusion (much like her other fashion month looks) created by Sinot! During a Vogue “Get Ready With Me,”  the singer revealed that this was her first time attending Paris Fashion Week, and it was quite literally “kicking her a**.” Because of this, Doja decided to go for makeup that gave the appearance of a black eye, a split nose, and a split lip (with glamorous eyeshadow and lashes to pair, OFC).

Could this be an addition to the revival of goth makeup this fall? I’m not too sure. But what I do know is that Doja Cat and her team are currently at the forefront of the most fashion-forward and creative makeup looks, and I’m dying to see more!

Madison Bailey

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