DIY: Vampire Costume

Once upon the time, before the days of Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, you probably associated vampires with Halloween. Though you can get you can easily remedy your spooky craving with a steamy episode of True Blood, take this Halloween to dress up as a fang-clad collegiette. If you’re looking to save a couple of bucks this Halloween, why not make your vampire costume? Allow me to give you the lowdown, collegiettes.


The Hair
For this costume, you can rock two different hairstyles. Score spine-chilling hair with a flatiron. Or, if you want to look like a vampy vampire, it’s all about having voluminous locks. Blowdry your hair with a round brush or set your hair in large velcro curlers. Finish off your do with loads of hairspray.

The Makeup


In the event you’re not a vampire makeup pro, let me break it down for you: for this costume, you want to don dark makeup. Pair a sultry cat liner or smoky eye with a deep red or berry lip. Unless you want to emulate a Cullen, you can forgo the glittery makeup. Don’t forget that this beauty regime isn’t complete without a lovely set of fangs. Instead of spending hours trying to make an ill-constructed set of chompers, just pick up a pair at your local party shop. It’ll save loads of time, plus you can easily find an inexpensive pair of teeth. Last but not least, add some blood to your ensemble by drawing a small line close to your mouth with red lip liner.

The Ensemble
Unlike Dracula’s getup, your collegiette-approved costume can be chic and sexy. Luckily, assembling this ensemble is as simple as pulling some of your favorite pieces out of your closet. Couple your black skinnies or that trusty black skirt with a long sleeved shirt. Throw on your tall black boots and leather jacket to complete this look. Whoever thinks the only way to dress up as a vampire is with a cape is in for a rude awakening.

How would you dress up as a vampire? Sound off below!