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Here’s How To Get Dixie D’Amelio’s New Pixie Cut Look

We all know Tiktok queen Dixie D’Amelio, whether it’s from her hit reality show with Hulu, her music career and feature with Liam Payne, or straight from her TikTok. She, alongside her famous family, has become Gen-Z internet royalty. 

This week she shocked fans by showing up to the 2022 Harper’s Bazaar Icons party with a brand new haircut, a pixie cut, to be more specific. In an aptly titled Youtube video, “I Just Shaved My Head,” posted on Sept. 9, D’Amelio documented the big chop. The singer revealed in the video that she had dreamed about shaving her head since “the sixth grade” and that she hid the change until the party to have as much shock factor as possible. 

With her trend-setting style, the buzzed look is predicted to become the new ‘do for an effortlessly chic while still edgy look. And while Dixie is the latest star to adopt the look, buzz cuts are having a moment in 2022 with Doja Cat, Halsey, and Willow Smith (and so many queer, gender-nonconforming, and BIPOC folks) also rocking the barely-there hair (and for years—might I add). So, how do we, ordinary everyday people, style and pull off the buzz cut? 

Think before you chop

 We’ve all been there; a rough time means haircut time so before you buzz it all off, take a sec to consider it. Maybe try the slicked-back ballet bun for a few days to see how you look with no hair framing your face. It’s not a definitive test but better than chopping blindly; after all, Dixie had been thinking about it for years. 

There Are Different Types Of Chops, FYI

Go through Pinterest and pull different ideas to show your hairdresser or if you want to be brave, do it yourself or with friends ala Dixie. As a rule, have your stylist (or yourself!) go slow. You can always go shorter, but you can’t get the hair back! 

Finally, consider if you want a textured pixie-cut look, like Dixie or Halsey or if you would like to go for a loser shave similar to Willow Smith. Ask for feathering and layers for some texture—what ever works best for your hair type! 

Make It A Certified Lewk

With simple, sleek hair, makeup becomes the main focus. Try out a bold lip or some graphic eyeliner. Make brows bold like Dixie’s Haper’s Bazzar look, or layer up on gloss like Willow Smith. And as always, skin care is critical, especially with little hair to cover it. A dewy, moisturized look will make you glow, and don’t forget sunscreen, even on your head!

Get In Style

A buzz cut is effortlessly cool, so embrace the cool girl aesthetic. Give yourself permission to experiment with texture and colors with a blank slate for hair. Try a lacy look for the night (see Dixie’s Harper’s dress for inspo!) and lots of layers for daytime. Or go utterly minimalistic with little jewelry and neutral colors. Earrings and necklaces will also bring attention to the neck and give an elegant look. Drama is key! Not much time for a middle ground. Since bald is bold, go bold with the rest of your style! 

Finally, Own It!

It’s a new trend. You might be nervous at first and sometimes you won’t look like a magazine cover but remember to hold your (buzzed) head high and float through the world with the cool, carefree attitude fitting for a bold, buzzed style. 

Elena Johnston is the Editor in Chief for Her Campus at LUM. She is a senior Global Studies and Communications double major with a focus in PR at Loyola University Maryland. She is also the Communications Pathways Intern at the US Agency for International Development Bureau of Europe and Eurasia. You can usually find her in a bookstore or library listening to Taylor Swift.