Disney & Coach Create a 'Dark Fairy Tale' Collection with Grunge Versions of Your Favorite Princesses

Sure, Disney princesses have great style, but there’s a lot of us who wouldn’t be caught dead imitating a sparkly Cinderella ballgown for 2018 fashion – not that there’s anything wrong with that. However, it doesn’t mean that Disney is off limits for those of us who have a grunge style and want to pay tribute to the badass women we watched growing up. Queue the Disney X Coach "A Dark Fairy Tale" Collection, aka the answer to all of our dark princess prayers.

This line won’t feature the classic mouse ears or tiaras, think more apple skulls and gloomy forests. It's basically if Snow White or Sleeping Beauty took place during Halloween, and the leading ladies wore designer leather jackets and sneakers, pulling from the inherently dark details of each story.

In a press release shared to Teen Vogue, Coach Creative Director Stuart Vevers elaborated on the gothic motif. “It was fun to explore the darker side of these stories and mix Disney’s nostalgic charm with Coach’s creativity to bring my memories from these fairy tales to life within our world of accessories and ready-to-wear."

Bold fonts are paired with pops of color and spooky prints on everything from jackets to handbags. Lucky for you, the collection dropped yesterday, so you can head to Coach now to stock up on these gloomy and fabulous pieces for your next Disneyland day.

Here's a peek at what's we're shopping: 

1. Snow White Tote ($150 at Coach)

2. Campus Backpack 23 In Signature Patchwork ($350 at Coach)

3. Sleeping Beauty Band T-Shirt ($95 at Coach)

4. Poison Apple T-Shirt Dress ($350 at Coach)

This is what our 2018 Disney dreams are made of.