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This Designer is Celebrating Women by Turning Period Stains Into Jewelry

Yup, you read that correctly. 22-year-old Lili Murphy-Johnson is aiming to change the stigma around menstruation with her collection of period-inspired jewelry.

"I wanted to create beautiful jewelry out of something that is conventionally seen by society to be shameful,” Murphy-Johnson explains.

Her London-based collection includes rings, hand-beaded panties and a charm bracelet. Whether you’d wear these pieces in public or not, the idea behind her collection is pretty cool.

Murphy-Johnson was inspired by her bad PMS. She wanted to create jewelry that would show how she felt when she was feeling emotional.

“My work explores how periods affect our bodies,” she told Broadly.

This artist is taking a big step in bringing periods out of a negative light.

"We need to be able to talk about periods more openly so that we don't have these problems,” she says. “That's what I want to do with my jewelry. I want to create something that can be worn without shame or disgust.”

What do you think, collegiettes? Would you sport this jewelry around campus?

Rachel graduated from the Honors College at James Madison University in May 2017 and is pursuing a career in the media/PR industry. She majored in Media Arts & Design with a concentration in journalism and minored in Spanish and Creative Writing. She loves spending time with friends and family, traveling, and going to the beach.
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