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So you’re in between hair appointments and are itching for a change. You decide you want to add a little flair to your bangs and figure you can trim them yourself. Hey, you trimmed Barbie’s hair when you were little, so you should be able to handle this, right?

Not necessarily. Put down the scissors and read this before making any drastic changes, darling. Remember what happened to Barbie’s hair? Remember how she had to wear a wig after you got through with her? Well you’re a big girl now and you don’t want to end up like a plastic doll.
You can and will achieve the perfect bangs but it’s going to take some time and some practice. To help you out, top NYC celeb hairstylist Riccardo Maggiore has some tips for cutting your bangs like a professional in-between appointments. Follow his five simple rules and Barbie’s bang disaster will be a thing of the past!

1. Get the right scissors

Just like makeup artists will tell you to invest in a good set of brushes, Maggiore suggests finding the right scissors to cut your bangs. Any ole’ pair lying around the house just won’t do because they’re likely too big and the blade is likely too thick to cut bangs.
The wrong scissors can easily cause you to make a mistake so take this great excuse to shop and head on over to your local drug store or beauty supply store to pick up some mini shears. 

2. Cut hair dry
You know how your hair always looks a bit longer when it’s wet? Well that’s not a good thing when you’re cutting your bangs. Before you cut your bangs, wash your hair and dry it thoroughly because if you cut hair when it’s wet, you may accidentally cut too much.

3. Don’t pull

Says Maggiore, “Avoid pulling your hair down while cutting. The extra tension will make the hair seem longer, yet when you release them they will be much shorter than expected.”

4. Be mindful of cutting technique

Technique really is everything, especially when it comes to hair. Maggiore suggests the following technique: “I suggest taking a sharp hair scissor, positioning them below the brow and cutting vertically in little choppy pieces, slowly chipping away from one side of the face to the other. Don’t try to cut your bangs straight across since it’s almost impossible to keep a perfectly straight line.”

5.Take your time

Maggiore recommends thinking before cutting: “Stop and evaluate your cut; thinking carefully whether or not you need to cut more hair. It’s better to take your time and be mindful not to cut off too much at once.”

Riccardo Maggiore, celebrity stylist
Marianna Nadelman, 5W Public Relations


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