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40 Creators You Should Follow To Learn More About Sustainable Fashion

Fast fashion is out and sustainable fashion is in. Over the past few years, conversations on the global fashion industry’s impact on the environment have become increasingly prevalent online. Fast fashion is facing a reckoning with their eco-minded consumers, and — let’s be honest — the whole world. Gen Z is opting for shopping secondhand fashion first. This generation’s passion for nostalgia is written all over their faces. (Or should I say clothes?) 

Although more and more brands are making an effort to adapt to this new demand for eco-friendly fashion, it’s unfortunate to say it’s not accessible to everyone. Not only is it expensive, it’s also difficult to find sustainable fashion especially for people with plus-sized body types. People with disabilities are also left behind in the sustainable fashion industry because of the lack of adaptive clothing and accessories. Adaptive fashion is still very new, but growing — according to Vogue Business, the industry is projected to grow to $400 billion by 2026. 

Breaking into sustainable or secondhand fashion can be difficult, so as a consumer, remember that you don’t have to be perfect. What matters is that you are making progress to adapt and learn about sustainable practices. 

It’s important to recognize and acknowledge how narrow sustainable fashion is. As a person who is passionate about fashion and wants to learn more about how to make it more accessible, I’d like to share the creators that have helped me learn more about this industry and what gaps need to be filled in the fashion world. Here are 40 creators you should follow to learn more about sustainable fashion.


Remake is a nonprofit organization that advocates for fair wages and climate justice in the fashion industry.


@Secondhand.Sustainability is run by sustainable fashion advocate Brooke Bowlin. Bowlin shares free resources to help you build a sustainable closet. 


Elizabeth Joy not only provides resources on slow fashion sustainability, but she also has a podcast called Conscious Style Podcast. Joy and Stella Hertany co-host on the pod and talk about all things conscious fashion. 


If you are interested in a career in sustainability and fashion, this one’s for you. @ConsciousFashion has a job board newsletter you can subscribe to, so you won’t miss out on  freelance or contract opportunities, ⁠internships⁠, early career positions, mid-career positions, and more.


@SlowFashion.Movement is a nonprofit organization with a global ambassadors network that aims to educate their audiences about slow fashion. 


Fashion Revolution shares weekly news on what’s happening in the fashion and sustainability world. 


Thriftspired is a global thrifting community founded by Alex Blaise, aka @Sustainabae. Thriftspired creates fun and entertaining content that helps their followers learn about how to thrift. They also highlight members of their community and the outfits they got secondhand. 


Good Clothes, Fair Pay is a campaign run by a European Citizens’ Initiative. It helps draw back the curtain on the mistreatment of garment workers through advocacy work. 


Environment by Impact creates infographics that help its audience keep up with news regarding climate justice and social impact. 


Learn more about sustainable brands and tips for shopping sustainably through Eco Cult’s Sunday newsletter. 


Textile Exchange is a global nonprofit that helps growing brands and other communities fight for climate justice from the start of the supply chain. 


Fashion For Good is the world’s first museum for sustainable fashion.


Clothes Doctor creates products to help you take care of your eco-friendly clothing. 


The Sustainable Fashion Forum shares educational and entertaining memes about sustainable fashion. The brand also provides a newsletter, job board, and extra fashion content on their podcast called Crash Course Fashion


Renoon is a shopping platform that helps consumers uncover sustainable brands and products.


Good On You is an app that helps you discover the impact of your favorite brands. 


Triad is a charity working to reduce the impacts of fashion on people and the environment. 


Clean Clothes Campaign is a grassroots global network that advocates for garment workers and issues within the textile industry. 


Megan McSherry is the creator behind @Acteevism. If you need thrifting inspo, follow McSherry as she tracks her outfits in 2023. 


The Sustainable Angle runs the Future Fabrics Expo, where suppliers showcase sustainable material solutions.


Eco-Age is a strategic consultancy agency that promotes sustainable business strategies. 


Labour Behind The Label is a nonprofit and anti-sweatshop campaign. The organization’s goal is to advocate for garment workers and improve their working conditions.


Empowerment Collective is dedicated to eradicating poverty and modern day slavery in impoverished communities.


Global Fashion Agenda is a collaborative nonprofit that hosts programs and events that educate people about climate justice, circular fashion, and garment workers.


Melanin & Sustainable Style is a digital magazine that spotlights people of color making a positive impact in the sustainable fashion space. 


Stories Behind Things uses the power of storytelling to inform people about important topics like climate change, fashion, and ways consumers can incorporate sustainability into our daily lives. 


Aja Barber is a writer and contributing editor at Elle UK. Her content highlights slow fashion and intersectional feminism. 


As a Bay Area native, I just had to include this brand! Patagonia’s Instagram page doesn’t only talk about clothes. Patagonia’s content also includes videos of beautiful scenery and environmental news. 


Jessica Harumi is a slow fashion and lifestyle blogger. Harumi is also the co-host of #ParisianStyle10x10 Challenge, a capsule wardrobe challenge co-hosted by Brianna Lamberson.


Orsola De Castro is an author and upcyclist. De Castro wrote a book called Loved Clothes Last: How the Joy of Rewearing and Repairing Your Clothes Can Be A Revolutionary Act. The book talks about how rewearing and upcycling your clothes can make a difference in a world where the climate is deteriorating.


Circular Fashion System, or CFS, is a Web3 hub that brings culture, fashion, and science together. The brand connects tech developers and fashion designers to create a circular fashion economy. 


Kara Fabella is a slow fashion stylist. Fabella’s content shows her love of fashion and shopping secondhand. She is a Bay Area-based digital creator, and finds her fashion inspiration in the Bay’s culture of vintage and secondhand shops. 


The Green Carpet Fashion Awards weaves the fashion and entertainment industry together to celebrate sustainable fashion and environmental justice. 


Beni is a free browser extension that allows you to find clothing resale alternatives. 


Relove is a technology startup that helps customers resell their clothes. 


Lily Fang is a digital creator who focuses her content on sustainable fashion. She creates TikToks that help explain topics within sustainability. 


Aditi Mayer is a sustainable fashion blogger and climate activist. Mayer uses photography to capture fashion through an environmental and intersectional lens. 


Catherine is a slow fashion content creator who gives outfit inspo and tips on how to implement sustainable fashion in your life. 


Red Carpet Green Dress is a design initiative with The Academy where red carpet fashion meets sustainability. 


Samata Pattinson is the CEO of @RedCarpetGreenDress. Pattinson writes about fashion and media. One of her most notable books is called The Fashion Designer’s Resource Book, and it dives into the business side of the fashion industry. 

Wila Mae was a Style Intern at Her Campus for the Spring 2023 semester. She's a passionate storyteller and loves creating short-form video content highlighting secondhand shopping and Bay Area small businesses on her socials. Keep up with Wila Mae and her work @wilamae.navarro on Instagram and @wilamae2 on TikTok.