I Wore A Trademark Look For A Week & It Turns Out Anna Wintour Is on to Something

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Anna Wintour. Steve Jobs. Mark Zuckerberg. There is a common factor when you hear such prominent names. Sure, they’re successful individuals — but have you ever noticed what they wear?

Think about it: How many times have you actually seen Anna Wintour’s eyes? They’re always shielded behind black shades. When you say “Steve Jobs,” you immediately think “turtleneck.” Even Mark Zuckerberg sticks to one style choice: a plain t-shirt. These are all their trademarks.

It’s all about eliminating choice. Thinking about it now, I have multiple wardrobe changes each morning. It’s why I was always late in high school. (Thank god for first period study halls.) The idea of sticking to one look leaves more time to focus on important matters, and it also creates a signature image. This made me wonder what would happen if I created my own trademark look, and how it could affect my productivity.

Well, I did just that for five days, and this is what I learned.


My tactic for this week was to stick to a monochromatic color scheme and one signature item. Black is such a stand-alone color that it’s one of the first things my eyes zero in on among the mess that is my closet. It’s simple and makes a statement, especially donned head-to-toe in it.

Not much thought went into this look. In fact, I found more time to eat and reach out to sources for articles. On this morning, I headed to work in my signature look. I felt more inclined to talk to guests that entered the clothing store. I marked it off as a successful day.   

So, here I am, a cross between Edna from the Incredibles and any Instagram model with Adidas sweatpants. I have to admit. This first look went out of my comfort zone, but I definitely enjoyed it. I felt bold and chic.


Yes — back in black, and channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn. For the first half of the day, I slept and wrote — not much to tell there.

In the evening, however, I had a formal event. Therefore, it was a must to try out my little black dress hung untouched in the depths of my closet. I have always thought that dresses are the best thing to grab when you’re in a rush. It’s literally just one article of clothing to throw on (and it looks like you put in some effort).

It took me less than five minutes to picture what I wanted to wear, spot it in my closet and put together an outfit. For the remaining time I had to get ready after rushing home from errands, I actually applied makeup and did my hair, which only happens once in a blue moon nowadays.


On the third day of the experiment, I went to class and caught up on work. I wore sweatpants and a black brami (a bra and cami, according to Free People — revolutionary).

My blackout shades came in handy, as they hid the bags under my eyes. The comfort factor of my attire allowed me to be my most productive self, alternating between my laptop, coffee and naps.


Back on campus, it’s time to be on my A-game. Thursday mostly consisted of me running around all day — hence my athleisure.

The black pieces that I have tend to be casual and match just about anything. Since I chose a monochromatic theme, everything was easy to put together. The sunglasses were great in making me look like I had my life together and added a touch of coolness to the look.


For the finale, I turned to inspiration from the first day. I paired a black skirt with a knotted black t-shirt. Again, not much thought put into it. Surprisingly, the outfit was cute and comfy, allowing me to continue throughout the day with confidence and comfort.

I didn’t realize how much I worried about my appearance until now. Life is made simple when choosing from a select few options while still finding a way to incorporate my own style.

Though I do have a lot going on as a college student, I feel like this experiment would have been more impactful if I actually had a huge brand for myself or maybe run a company. However, by reducing my wardrobe, I am able to make easy choices that’ll allow me to focus on important projects or tasks and feel focused when making big decisions.

It did free up some time that I take to figure out my outfits. Ultimately, however, it did wonders in boosting my confidence, which changed the way I approached things.