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Influencers Are Embracing The Coquette Aesthetic, But What Even Is It?

If there is anything that drives trending fashion aesthetics, it’s TikTok — and it looks like there might be a new contender. Since early 2022, the #coquette aesthetic has gained around 4.1B views, with more and more creators joining in on the trend. 

The coquette aesthetic refers to a soft, flirty, sexy, and yet “innocent” style, complete with ruffles, lace, and of course, the color white. Much of this styling patterns to the film adaptations of Vladimir Nabokov’s 1955 novel Lolita, which portray the adolescent main character wearing braids, bows, and soft, hyper-feminine styles. Coquette fashion appears to have been a popular trend this past summer, with fashion it-girls such as Orion Carloto on Instagram and TikTok choosing lace bras, hair ribbons, and bloomers rather than the expected denim shorts and tank. 

This aesthetic could be partially driven by recent waves of hyperfemininity seen within the feminist movement online. To put it plainly, more feminists are comfortable dressing as the version of their most feminine self, or embodying the “divine feminine.” This is evident due to the emergence of other hyper-feminine trends, such as Barbiecore and balletcore. The re-embrace of florals, lace, and above all, the color pink, could just be part of the next wave of feminism. 

After years spent in sweats and t-shirts at home, many feel empowered to wear frilly dresses, lace, and ribbons in their hair. By returning to feminine, romantic styles, influencers such as Carloto, Sasha Teperson, Landess Hutson, and others are rejecting the recent wave of more "trashy-chic" styles such as Y2K.

If you’re looking to dress more like Carloto, consider shopping for slip dresses, ballet flats, hair ribbons, tights, and anything with lace. Many of these items can be found at your local thrift store, specifically in the lingerie section for vintage lace slips (a little tip from me to you: Just remember to wash your thrifts). Need a bit more direction? Here are a few products perfect for pulling off the coquette aesthetic.

Slip dresses

Slip dresses can be found almost anywhere, as they are becoming increasingly popular with the resurgence of 90s style. California-based brand Pretties has a number of slip-style cotton mini dresses designed for the ultimate coquette girl.

The Knock-Off Micro Dress, Pretties, $85

Ballet flats

Ballet flats are a staple in coquette style. There are seemingly endless options for colors and shapes, but a true coquette would probably opt for one with a bow on the toe.

Truffle Collection Easy Ballet Flats in Black, ASOS, $17

Hair ribbons

Hair ribbons can add a feminine touch to any outfit, and many celebrities have been accessorizing with hair bows this year. There are many options for these, from clip-in satin bows to the standard silk ribbons used in wrapping paper.

Petite Bow, Free People, $12


Tights in soft ballet pinks or ivory compliment coquette styling, which combines classy and playful elements seamlessly.

40 Denier Classic Opaque Tights, Los Angeles Apparel, $16

Lace hosiery

Lace is classically feminine, and a staple in coquette style. Lace tops and hosiery can be found almost anywhere, in a variety of sizes and styles.

Pointelle Nylon Sock, Urban Outfitters, $14

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Erika Taylor

Chapman '24

Erika is a freelance writer and Chapman University student based in Southern California. Specializing in fashion marketing, she is majoring in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing, and minoring in Visual Journalism. She can be found at @erikatxylor on Instagram and TikTok posting about style, sustainability, and more.
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