The Coolest Sunglasses You Need for Your Summer 'Fit

Summer is in full swing and let me tell you: I'm living for it. Salty waves, blue skies, sandy beaches, tan lines and chilling at the beach — what more could someone possibly want? I might be super sweaty but I'm here for everything else that summer brings.

As much as I love summer, the heat has been a lot lately (ahem, heatwave). With that, you’re definitely going need the right wardrobe to beat the heat, and of course, that includes the perfect eyewear. To make sure you’re both on-trend and protected from the rays, I’ve put together a list of the hottest sunglasses for this season. With colorful lenses and cool-girl shapes, you'll be looking as fire as the heat.

  1. 1. Cloud sunglasses

    When I first saw these sunglasses, I very nearly died. These are the sunglasses of the summer. They’re incredibly cute, quirky and will definitely make a statement. You better rock these with confidence.

    If you can’t afford a plane ticket to your dream vacation destination, at least these sunglasses will elevate you to the sky.

    The OG Miu Miu Eyewear Cloud Frames ($410) might be a bit too expensive for the college student budget. But, you can get these equally chic Iridescent Cloud Glasses ($60) for almost a quarter of the price. Cloud sunglasses work best with toned down outfits, like neutral colors and simple prints.

  2. 2. Transparent sunglasses

    Although they’re super cute, these sunnies might not completely protect you from the sun. So opt to wear them on a relaxing pool day when you’re spending equal time in the shade and the sun. They come in a variety of styles too, from the traditional round and square to these Armear Cat Eye Triangle ones ($9).

    They’re inexpensive, so buy a pair in every color for when you want to mix-and-match or go for a full monochrome look. You can also try out these See Through Sunnies from 2020Ave ($11), or these Oversized Rimless sunnies from Amazon ($16). Honestly, these sunglasses are perfect to wear with your favorite beach coverup.

  3. 3. Tiny sunglasses

    Tiny sunglasses are incredibly trendy right now. They were crazy popular at Coachella, and all of your favorite influencers are wearing them. They’re a great staple accessory that will complement any outfit and give a casual look a serious bump in style points.

    There are so many styles to choose from, like these 90's Gold Rectangular Sunglasses ($20), which go great with bodycon dresses, short skirts and thigh high boots. 

  4. 4. Dramatic cat-eye sunglasses

    These sunglasses do fall under the “tiny” category, but they’re such a statement piece that they deserve their own segment. If the rounded and square styles aren’t enough for you, the cat-eye version is a great upgrade.

    Net-a-Porter’s Illesteva ($190) cat eye sunglasses are to die for! Their retro style is perfect if you can swing the cash. However, Forever 21 has some affordable and cute alternatives: Tinted Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($6) and these Rimless Tinted Cat-Eye Sunglasses ($8). Dramatic sunglasses are perfect for daring looks with bold prints and loud colors.

  5. 5. Oversized square sunglasses

    Though they’re the complete opposite of the tiny sunglasses trend, big and chunky accessories have been making a comeback. Oversized sunglasses are a staple of luxury brands like Gucci, but you can find so many inexpensive iterations everywhere. Try these: Quay Australia’s Day After Day Sunglasses ($25), Moschino Square Sunglasses ($90), and Diff’s Bella Square Sunglasses ($40)

  6. 6. Heart Sunglasses

    Last but not least, the ever-lovely heart sunglasses. These have been around for a few years, but they don’t seem to be losing traction any time soon. If anything, even more styles have popped up.

    You can get Sunglass LA’s Women's Gradient Lens Heart Sunglasses ($10) or the Double Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses ($13), and the Rimless Clear Frame sunglasses from South Coast Shades ($20). I can easily picture these sunglasses with a loose floral dress or a quirky shorts and crop-top look.

All of these sunglasses are so cute, and I’m sure that everyone who wears them will pull them off. I, for one, am so ready for summer, so please excuse me while I go and buy twenty new pairs of sunglasses. Once you find the perfect pair for you, plan a great warm-weather ‘fit around your new favorite accessory. But most importantly, go out and have sun—whoops, I meant fun!