The Coolest Halloween Costumes to Try This Year, According to Instagram

Brainstorming Halloween costumes every year feels like yet another chore in the busy college student’s schedule. Every year, we throw out grand ideas that we’re sure will thrill while searching for the hottest parties during Halloweekend. We plan to coordinate with our best friends, roomies, and S.O.'s, convinced this Halloween, we’ll ACTUALLY follow through.

Alas, these plans are usually dashed when we realize it’s October 30th, and OMG, we only have a black t-shirt and leggings at our disposal. The lack of money in our bank accounts tells us that despite our big dreams, we’ll probably have to be a cat. Again.  

This Halloween, simplicity can be our friend rather than our enemy. And what better place to search for a Halloween costume than Instagram? If you’re going to mindlessly scroll, mindlessly scroll with purpose. Here are our favorite Halloween costumes this season, as inspired by everyone's favorite social media platform.

1. Succulent

These plants have been on trend for awhile—what college apartment is complete without a succulent or two (or five, if we’re being honest)? Catch some laughs this year in a costume that will require a little work, but you can still rock your comfy sweatpants & sweatshirt to hit the town.

2. Captain Marvel



That look when you FINALLY see the weekend in sight! 😏😁 * Sooooooo looking forward to this weekend! It's my birthday on Sunday (woohoo!) and @rockus_ and I are heading up to Yosemite for the first time. We'll be taking along the doggo AND kitty to our Airbnb - so wish us luck with that haha!! And if any of you guys have recommendations for favorite stops, restaurants or trails in Yosemite let me know! * * Amazing 📷 by the kind and talented @jackofalltradesx11 * * #caroldanvers #caroldanverscosplay #avengers #avengerscosplay #avengers4 #captainmarvel #msmarvel #captainmarvelcosplay #msmarvelcosplay #mcu #marvel #marvelcosplay #comics #comicscosplay #cosplay #cosplayer #cosplayersofinstagram #outdoorshoot #portrait #girlswhocosplay #cosplayandcomics

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Everyone collectively lost their shit when the Captain Marvel trailer dropped on September 18th—it’s already the second most-liked MCU trailer of all time. If you’re looking to make your Halloween look reflect your inner girl power, look no further than the many costume inspos for Captain Marvel on Instagram.

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3. Tonya Harding

If you want a simple look that’ll demonstrate your pop culture knowledge while also feeling glamorous, look no further than the subject of I,Tonya—controversial former figure Tonya Harding. All you’ll need is a cute mini dress, a funky bedazzler, and maybe some scissors.

4. Deadpool's Domino



Another Domino post here to announce the creation of my secondary page @cutiepiekohai (see what I did there? 😜). . . . It’s kinda hard being so cosplay focused all the time, so I made this second account so I can have somewhere to post more normal things! If you’re interested in more things like vlogs, vacation photos, normal selfies, cosplay work in progress photos, derpery, general life stuff, etc then please give it a follow! I hope the separation gives me more freedom to feel like I can post whatever because I take a lot of pictures that this page never sees!! . . . Cosplay made by me . . Wig: @bundles_bybc kinky curly hair . . . . #domino #dominocosplay #selfie #cosplayselfie #deadpool #deadpool2 #deadpoolcosplay #blackgirlmagic

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Deadpool is everyone’s crudely blunt superhero (and Ryan Reynolds isn't too terrible to look at either). The 2018 sequel has only inspired more fanfare surrounding the successful film series—and if you want to honor the film without being the 50th Deadpool you’ll see at the bars this Halloweekend, go original and recreate the iconic Domino.

5. Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time"

If there’s one thing we know for sure, it’s this: Britney never goes out of style. If you’re seriously struggling to be creative this Halloween, your black work skirt, white button down, and favorite cardigan are calling your name. You can’t help but feel confident in this simple getup. Plus, your pregame will undoubtedly be full of Britney’s best hits—Alexa, play Toxic NOW.  

6. Lara Jean Covey from To All The Boys I've Loved Before



what character would you like to dress up as/have you dressed up as? #octinbooks17 - halloween themed post happy halloween!!🎃👻 this isn't really halloween-y per se but i dressed up as lara jean for halloween (well, yesterday because i had time😂) and had a photoshoot with some baking stuff (because lara jean bakes a lot for those of you who haven't read tatbilb) and the book! and today i did some black swan makeup and wore a tutu when answering the door to trick or treaters🎃 the bake off final was good and now i'll read some nevernight, which i haven't read in what feels like ages because i've been so tired and i've really missed it!

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Peter Kavinsky may have gotten all the love this summer (seriously well-deserved), but our movie sweetheart Lara Jean Covey deserves some love too. If you swooned this summer over TATBILB, the rom-com fan in you should recreate the Lara Jean look this Halloween. Who knows—your Kavinsky could be right around the corner.

If you find yourself randomly clicking on cat videos or stalking your favorite celebrity’s Instagram again, make some use of your social media this Halloween season. You might find a new favorite costume or two—and then you’ll seriously wow at any party you find yourself this Halloweekend!