5 DIY Hijab-Centered Halloween Costumes To Try This Year

Halloween is just creeping around the corner, and that means you'll need to grab a stellar costume and stat! But for us more modestly dressed ghouls, whatever costumes they've got in the party store are probably not gonna cut it (or rather cut too revealingly). While we aren't knocking anyone who wants to dress with sexy flare in the spooky season, hijab-wearing girls feel a little left out at times when it comes to putting a comfortably modest costume together. Most ready-made costumes for women show a lot of skin, or some costumes look awkward once you throw your headscarf on top. Fear not though, as we have five gorgeously modest costumes that won't just let you wear your hijab, but have it be the centerpiece of your Halloween costume! 

The Evil Queen from Snow White

Dressing like a princess is fun and all, but everyone knows villains have the most dynamic costumes (and personalities). The Evil Queen from Snow White is one of the most beautiful and treacherous characters to portray, but most importantly, she's already got on a hijab-type headpiece to boot! Pair bell sleeve maxi dress (extra points if it's purple) with a long, menacing black cape. Take any sturdy white fabric and cut it into the shape of the Queen's collar. Make a slit in the fabric and slip in some hard foam sheet to make give it some structure. Stitch the slit closed, then fold the ends of the fabric together and pin it to the middle of your dress to make the perfect collar. Also, a red and gold statement pendant necklace just like the Evil Queen's will definitely level up your look. If you have a red belt or even a thin red scarf, tie it around your waist loosely. Finish the look off with a very tight-fit black hijab, a king's crown and a red apple in hand! This costume is perfect because you're basically just dressing exactly how the character looks, no alterations needed! 

Princess Leia from Star Wars

An intergalactic goddess, Princess Leia is a classic character to dress as for Halloween. We know what you're thinking, the most iconic part of her costume is her signature twin buns, so how do hijab-wearing women replicate her look? Wear a thin hijab cap, then take a plain brown or beige scarf. Rest the scarf only on the top of your head. Instead of wrapping the ends around your neck like you usually do, just tie both ends around each of your ears and pin in place. You now have Leia buns! There are also awesome tutorials on how to achieve this look with perfect accuracy, so refine your technique if needed!  Now just find a white turtleneck dress, or a white turtleneck top and matching, long white skirt. Wrap a thin brown belt around your waist, grab your nearest lightsaber, and you're ready to slay Halloween in hijab fashion!

Rosie the Riveter

No one screams girl power like Rosie the Riveter. This costume is one of the simplest to pull off, but will totally make you feel like a patriotic badass. A dark denim quarter sleeve or long sleeve collared blouse should do the trick, along with a pair of jeans in the same shade. Slip on your black hijab cap to cover any stray hairs if needed. Then tie your favorite red bandana around your head, Rosie-style. All is left is a victory red lipstick, some blush and some mascara to make you look bold and beautiful like Rosie herself. Be sure to show off your guns as you cruise through your Halloween bash. 

Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty 

Another magnificent Disney villain, Maleficent is also a great costume to rock since she has her head covered in an epic headpiece. A long black dress, with trailing sleeves or long sleeves, will fit perfectly with this costume. You can also substitute the dress for a black turtleneck and long skirt to keep you more covered! Another trusty black hijab cap will keep your hair in place. Chisel out your cheekbones with some intense contour, then finish off with a charcoal gray eyeshadow and blood red lipstick. The only complicated piece to this costume is Maleficent's headpiece itself, which you can buy online or you can DIY it yourself with a headband. Now get a big stick as your staff, and you're ready to strike fear into those around you. 

Raven from Teen Titans 

Who doesn't love a good throwback? Well, Teen Titans Go! is a thing, but you can pay tribute to the OG Raven this Halloween like any 90s' kid would. If you didn't notice already, Raven's costume is eerily similar to the Evil Queens, so you can use the same elements to make a new costume. To make this costume, pair a long-sleeved black blouse with some gray skinny jeans or leggings. Finish it off with a tight-fit black hijab and then a long, wide purple scarf that you can pin into a hood shape. If you want to add a little more detail, you can cut out foam sheets in the shape of Raven's belt accessories and glue them to a thin belt, then wrap it around your waist. Slip on some black or purple ankle boots to tie it all together. Don't forget to have a smoky eye look, dark lip, and a drawn-on diamond in the middle of your forehead!

There's no reason to not join in on the costume fun when you wear hijab. Some costumes like these are, in fact, almost incomplete without a hijab-like piece to go with it, while others mesh the hijab into the costume perfectly. Stay true to the style that's most comfortable for you while looking amazing on Halloween night.