Connie Britton Has Some ~Thoughts~ for People Criticizing Her $380 'Poverty Is Sexist' Sweatshirt

During the 2018 Golden Globe Awards, actress Connie Britton’s sported a “Poverty Is Sexist” shirt that has come under a lot of scrutiny. While many were confused about what the shirt’s slogan actually meant, Britton explained that it was her unique take on the Time’s Up movement. However, people also took issue that the shirt (which was supposed too be shedding light on poverty and the economic problems that people face) cost $380. 

Many people found it ironic that the Lingua Franca sweater cost so much, and pointed out the disconnect between the price and the message. 

However, Britton was able to handle the criticism like a pro. She pointed out that while her sweater still had a steep price tag, it was significantly less than the designer dresses that are common at these type of events. She also shed a bit more information on  the now infamous sweater, siting that $100 of the purchase of each sweater went directly to Camfed, a non profit dedicated to stopping poverty in Africa. 

Hello Giggles also noted that the price of the shirt might have also increased because it was designed and created ethically, explaining, “The reason why some shirts cost $20 is because they are NOT ethically made and because they rely on factory workers who live in poverty.” 

While it seems like people can find a scandal in just about anything, I think that its safe to say that Britton’s “Poverty is Sexist” shirt does a lot more good than harm.