College Women on How They Keep Their Personal Style During Every Back to College Adventure

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It’s officially back to college season, and we’ve basically been ready for campus adventures since the end of last semester, TBH. Yes, the first week is about pouring over your syllabi, mapping your route between classes, and generally just figuring out your life—but we all know that the unspoken rule of the first week back on campus is to show off *all* the cute new clothing and accessories you bought over the summer. Whether your style is full on glam or comfy cute, we know you’re an adventurer at heart (whether that’s trekking cross-campus for iced coffee or taking a hike IRL). That’s why we’ve partnered with High Sierra to chat all things back to school style. Here, four college women divulge how they infuse their personal style into every back to campus adventure.  

  1. 1. The first day of class  

    “Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, the first day of classes is always an adventure—especially in the fall when you haven’t been to campus in literally months. I know class is supposed to be pretty casual, but what can I say, I love to sparkle. I keep my personal style on the forefront by dressing up a simple crop top and jeans with chunky jewelry that’s as expressive as I am.”—Maggie, Sophomore, University of Connecticut 

  2. 2. In-between engagements  

    “Being a college student means my schedule is SUPER irregular. I go from class, to the library, to the gym, to my job as a waitress, to crashing at my BFF’s dorm after a movie night all within 12-hours. That means I need a stylish, durable, functional backpack that I can out of.”—Jane, Junior, George Mason University  

  3. 3. Day trippin’  

    “My college is in a tiny little town in Virginia, which means it’s...easy to get bored. We take a LOT of day trips to hiking trails, swimming holes, and farms during the fall, which means I want to be comfortable AND prepared for an Instagram photo at any second. My go to? An oversized knit sweater with plain black leggings. It’s always flattering and always comfortable!”—Megan, Senior, James Madison University  

  4. 4. All-nighters  

    “It doesn’t matter how well you budgeted your time in high school—you'll have to pull at least one all night study session when you get to college. But just because I’m rocking racoon eyes and surviving off of potato chips doesn’t mean I can’t look cute. I take my personal style with me during every adventure, including all-nighters at the library (believe’s an adventure) where I can always be seen rocking a a perfectly undone messy bun, a cropped hoodie, and boyfriend-fit jeans.”—Maria, Senior, Florida State University  

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