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5 Tailgate Outfits For College Football Szn

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Football season is here and your closet is calling you. Tailgating is a time for your school to come together and celebrate, but it is also the time for you to show off your school spirit in a cute outfit (and is honestly better than the actual game, TBH)! Just think NYFW or Met Gala, but the theme is football tailgate. This is your time to make the green turf your runway.

Whether you want to be girly, bold, or just comfortable (because honestly, sitting on the bleachers for three hours is *not* the most comfortable thing in the world), here are five tailgate outfits will totally pass the vibe check. Get ready for a day full of good food, a good game, and friendly competition. Pro tip: Make sure when you plan out your outfit to wear the right shoe because you never know when the game will make you jump up and down with excitement!

Cropped Uni Sweatshirt & Denim Shorts

A classic look for tailgating is denim shorts with your school’s shirt — but let’s make it a bit more trendy by cropping the shirt!

For this look, cider has a cute pair of Denim Shorts With Belt available in sizes XS to 4X. Using your creative side and a pair of fabric scissors, take one of your school’s sweatshirts and hand crop it to pair nicely with your new shorts. Feeling edgy? You can even take a pair of old jeans and cut them into a brand new pair of Bermuda denim shorts.

Tennis Skirt & College T-Shirt

Football is a sport that can get rough, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a skirt and show off your feminine side. Your tennis skirt, school’s shirt, and a pair of sneakers is the perfect stylish yet comfortable outfit for a taligate, almost resembling a cheerleading uniform. Go team!

The brand Halara is all over TikTok — and better yet, their tennis skirts come with pockets! The Cloudful Air Comfy High Waisted Crossover 2-in-1 Side Pocket Flare Tennis Skirt comes in multiple colors and sizes. Combine this skirt with one of your school’s T-shirts and you’re all set for game day.

Oversized Varsity Jacket With A Matching Set

You can never go wrong with a matching set! A matching set is an everyday essential that is cute and comfortable, and pairing an oversized varsity jacket is the perfect statement piece for game day. Wear the jacket over the shoulder, off the shoulder, or just for warmth on a windy day. Why not make this your *main character moment* and pretend you’re one of those main girls wearing her boyfriend’s varsity jacket? S.O. or not, this is still your time to shine. 

Fashion Nova is coming through with this Bondoc Biker Short Set that comes in green and black, as well sizes XS to 3X. Want to save some money? A good varsity jacket can also usually be found at your local thrift store, and for a reasonable price. 

Oversized Jersey With Boots

An oversized jersey is to tailgates as boyfriend jeans are to most of our closets. Not only is an oversized jersey a clear indication of what team you’re rooting for, but it also resembles a cute mini dress! Pair the ‘fit with cute boots (maybe even thigh highs, if you’re feeling fancy!) to become the star of the tailgate. This outfit can also be a group thing, with you and your friends wearing different jersey numbers to coordinate with the team while they’re playing on the field.

On Amazon, you and your friends can customize your jersey with sizing that goes all the way up to 6X! Match the jersey with these thigh high boots that are currently on sale (you know I got you, bestie!) on ASOS. 

School Color-Coordinated Jumpsuit With Accessories

A unique take on the usual tailgate outfit, spice things up with a cute jumpsuit and accessories that color coordinate with your school’s colors. Jumpsuits are comfortable and great for mobility as you cheer on your team. For accessories, I say go dramatic with big earrings (possibly with your school’s mascot!), a bold makeup look, and a matching nail look

This Long Sleeve Button-Front Boilersuit from Target can be a great base for your tailgate outfit, coming in a range of colors and sizes. Pair the look with earrings from this Etsy shop with a wide range of college teams and a custom pair of Converse from the Custom College Collection.

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