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From Natural Skincare to Colored Eyeliner, Here Are the Beauty Trends to Watch in 2020

2019 has been a great year for skincare, makeup, and beauty as a whole. If you can believe it, next year is actually going to be even more skin-indulgent, with some gorgeous new makeup trends too. We’ve moved to a positive place in terms of what beauty products target towards, becoming much more confident and able to play with how we express ourselves through makeup and hair styling. Cosmetic companies have also become more inclusive—and who can forget the moment an Ulta Beauty campaign stopped a little girl in her tracks when she saw a model who was in a wheelchair like hers

Next year, skincare will be top priority, and we’ll be making moves to some amazing products to get all the glow. Some classics will be making their returns in gorgeous ways, and we’ll see the rise of sustainability in packaging and sourcing ingredients. Here are the major beauty trends coming your way in 2020. 

Superfood skincare with natural ingredients

Kale, avocado, and berries are not only delicious and good for your body, but amazing for your skin, too. Superfood skincare is on the rise, and this year, brands like Elemis are going to continue to grow in popularity. Skincare fans are more interested than ever in natural ingredients, and the benefits of cold-pressed oils, tea, and fruits are widespread. 

From rose and its ability to target redness, to avocado and its nourishing powers for skin, this is a trend you’ll want to swap into your skincare routine ASAP. For an affordable option, try out the Pumpkin Powerhouse mask from Bliss ($15) that has a boost of pumpkin enzymes, fatty acids, antioxidants, and other yummy, clean ingredients that exfoliate and resurface, targeting dull complexion to reveal glowy, fresh skin. 

Targeted skincare solutions 

Gone are the days of spending so much time applying product after product, each one with vague, sweeping outcomes that have no proof. Next year, brands and consumers alike are focused on targeted solutions and simplified routines

Products that multi-task and are specifically targeted to solve skincare problems are going to be in, and I am so glad. Who doesn’t love it when an eye mask moisturizes and helps prevent aging and de-puffs? 

Post-facial makeup looks

I couldn’t be more on board with the nourished, glowy makeup looks that will be a staple in 2020. Instead of a focus on matte foundation, contour, highlight, and bold lip color, we’ll all be reaching for products that show off our skin and natural glow. This trend works for everyone, no matter your skin type or tone, a dewy look is one you can achieve with ease. 

For this trend, start off with skincare. You can’t fake the post-facial look, so be sure to nourish your skin and use a good primer to prep for smooth makeup application. Add a glowy eye balm to your routine, like the cult favorite Glow and Get It ($28) from Tula. Think about trying a dewy all-over product, like the Haloscope dew effect highlighter from Glossier ($22) that everyone swears by. 

Red statement lip only

Red lips are always in, but the classic look is going to be making a major comeback this year. As far as beauty trends go, this one is a favorite because it’s achievable no matter your makeup skills, comfort level, or even budget for buying cosmetics. You don’t necessarily need to snag a high-end brand to get a great red lip, because there are so many solid drugstore dupes on the market now. A red lip is a simple-yet-sophisticated way to elevate your look. 

Prep your lips first by using a scrub, like these yummy ones from Lush, and then by moisturizing and nourishing lips with a good lip balm (my secret weapon is just to use Palmer’s Cocoa Butter on my lips). Swipe on a cherry-red lip color and you’re good to go, or mix up the look with some fun burgundy or orange-toned shades. 

Stand-out eye makeup

From 90’s-inspired neon eyeliners to bold shades like white or bright blue, eyeliner is going to be more creative than ever in 2020. Euphoria-inspired looks have been sweeping through the makeup world ever since the show’s premiere, and gorgeous ombre eyeshadow took center stage at fashion shows highlighting this year’s collections, so eye makeup is predicted to be an outlet to express yourself more than ever before.

2020 is going to be an amazing year to get creative and feel confident, however you decide to try out these beauty trends! What are you most excited about? Let’s chat all things beauty over on Instagram @kaitlinmarks and Twitter @kaitlinmarks05.

Kaitlin is an English major at Towson University, a business owner at Palm and Pearl Boutique, and a blogger over at The Curious Lemon. She's a writer and editor who first joined the Her Campus team as an Editorial Intern and now writes for the beauty, wellness, and career sections most often. She is currently the beauty section Features Editor. Kaitlin will never turn down a beach trip, ice cream, or the chance to pet a dog. She's an Enneagram 2w1 (or 2w3, depending on the day). Come hang out on Instagram @kaitlinmarks