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CoEdition Is A New Plus-Size Shopping Destination & This Is Exactly What 2018 Needed

It’s 2018, and unfortunately many women still feel as though they’re fighting a monumental battle just to find their size in mainstream retailers. We’ve screamed it from the rooftops – the average American woman is a size 16! Yet this size is never visible and celebrated, but rather ignored by some of the biggest names and brands in fashion. Women over a size 10 have expressed how difficult and disheartening it can be to search for clothing that fits them, with little to no luck. However, Brooke Cundiff and Keith George of Gilt have a solution. Instead of traveling from store to store (or site to site) in search of something that will fit, these geniuses have created CoEdition, a new shopping destination for women sized 10-26.

What does this mean? It will essentially be a database that exclusively shows clothes in this range of sizing, eliminating the dreaded process of sifting through sometimes hundreds of “straight sizes” before finding something that fits. The co-founders aren’t doing this on a small scale either. Launching on March 20, the e-commerce site features well-known brands like Stuart Weitzman, Tahari and Rachel Roy. In the next two-to-three months, they expect to have over 5,000 pieces on the site (say sorry to your credit card in advance) and carry over 150+ fashion brands by the end of the year. 


It’s the little white dress you’ve been looking for. #CoEdition #weputyoufrontandcenter

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If that wasn’t enough, they also teased fans by saying that a Splendid collaboration was already in the works. We can’t wait.

According to Refinery29, this isn’t Cundiff’s (Chief Merchandising Officer) and George’s (CEO) first spin in the fashion industry. Aside from both working at Gilt, they both have spent time working in consumer experience, and it shows in the model that they have for their business. The site aims to not only sell clothes, but to help shoppers find the clothes and fit that are *perfect* for them. The duo hopes to help mitigate the fear that clothes might not fit by focusing on user-created content and reviews – specifically where the reviews will be more in-depth than simply “it’s super cute,” but will rather comment on the fit of the waist, butt and arms, in addition to image submissions. 

With a vision, plenty of well-known retailers on board, and a plan that has the consumer’s satisfaction and comfort in mind, CoEdition might just change the fashion industry for the better! 

Amanda is a National Intern, Style and Beauty Blogger and a Chapter Advisor for Her Campus. She is doing a double major in criminology and sociology at Western University. She is a proud member of Alpha Gamma Delta - Zeta Chi chapter, and makes 99% of her decisions based off of WWEWD (what would Elle Woods Do?). Follow her on instagram @amanda_h_jones, and listen to her talk about makeup *a bit* more than usual at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_m-7cOzh_oI&t=237s
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