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ICYMI, The Coastal Auntie Aesthetic Is The New Vibe Of The Summer

In 2022, the coastal grandmother aesthetic was all the rage on TikTok as it encapsulated the old money, Hamptons style that many have come to love during the summer. Now, there’s a new aesthetic taking over TikTok, but don’t worry, it’s not too far off from coastal grandma. 

Imagine that cool, effortlessly chic aunt who looks like she stepped straight out of a Ralph Lauren catalog (oh, and she has a beach house in New England). The coastal grandmother aesthetic walked so the coastal auntie aesthetic could RUN. The coastal auntie modernizes some of the coastal grandmother staples, such as dressing like you’re headed to your Hamptons house for the weekend. The coastal auntie aesthetic has become a TikTok sensation, the staples being lightweight linens, flowing maxi dresses, and strappy sandals. So think coastal grandma, but cooler.

The aesthetic emphasizes the importance of cute accessories like handbags, watches, and jewelry, without making your look gaudy. This summer is the summer of the coastal auntie aesthetic, and here is how to channel your inner Susannah Fisher from The Summer I Turned Pretty.

1. Maxi Dress

There is no summer staple like  a maxi dress. Putting on a flowing maxi dress and going for a walk on the beach encapsulates  the ultimate coastal auntie vibe, especially if it’s blue or white. Effortlessly chic is the key to the aesthetic and a maxi dress is the perfect way to attain that. 

Dazey Hill, $50

2. Linen Set

Linens are perfect for the summer (I wear my linen pants religiously), and especially perfect for the coastal auntie aesthetic. Grab a linen set in a light neutral color and ta-da!

Princess Polly, $74

3. Short Dress

Looking chic is integral when encapsulating the coastal auntie vibe. Donning a short, preferably linen dress looks both professional and fashionable. Who wouldn’t want to look that effortlessly perfect?

Abercrombie & Fitch, $42

4. Strappy Sandals

The perfect shoe for the coastal auntie is, obviously, a strappy sandal. These sandals have the ultimate beachy vibe. Grab a tan or white pair, and get strutting down that boardwalk!

Amazon, $50

5. Dainty Watch

Dainty watches can easily elevate a basic look. Adding a gold watch to your wrist makes you look elegant and also beach-ready. DId I also mention it gives old money vibes?

Altar’d State, $45

6. Cardigan

Cardigans are a summer staple, especially for the coastal auntie. Chilly walks on the beach past sunset make cardigans an absolute must. Grab a button-up cardigan in any neutra colorl, and you’re set. 

American Eagle, $50

There you have it! Wearing any of these essentials (especially with a wine glass in hand) will instantly make you look like the ultimate coastal auntie this summer.

Amanda is a sophomore Writing and Rhetoric major with a Creative Writing minor at James Madison University. Amanda is the current Entertainment & Culture Summer Intern at Her Campus Media, writing about all things pop culture! Amanda loves binge-watching reality TV, drinking iced lattes, cuddling cats, reading romance and thriller novels, and listening to music (Taylor Swift, Phoebe Bridgers, Gracie Abrams, and Olivia Rodrigo mostly). Ultimately, Amanda wishes to pursue a career involving writing, reading, editing, or publishing.