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This ‘Clueless’ Palette Is Cher Horowitz Approved, So Now You Don’t Have to Be Makeup Challenged

From new makeup brands hitting Target’s shelves to J.Lo’s makeup collab, our makeup drawers, bathroom counters and purses and are getting a little cluttered (but we’re okay with that, tbh). While we could just throw away some of our desperately expired eyeshadow palettes to make room for all these impending releases, we aren’t about to commit makeup heresy. Unfortunately for our minimal counter space (and our wallets, RIP), an indie makeup brand just released an eyeshadow palette that’s the perfect ode to Clueless.

No, you aren’t buggin’. The beauty brand Peachy Queen is gearing up to launch a Clueless makeup palette for $40, PopSugar reports. Thankfully, the Clueless-inspired palette has an eyeshadow look for every Clueless fan, considering that it serves up 30 different eye-popping shades. Plus, the palette offers several different textures and finishes, including mattes, shimmery shades and pressed glitters, according to Bustle.

While Allure notes that it isn’t certain how or if Peachy Queen got the legal rights to use Clueless’s namesake to sell this beauty product, RSVPs for the palette’s pre-order are currently open. Regardless, Peachy Queen has yet to comment on when the palette will officially go on sale. (Hopefully before Paramount can hypothetically shut down this prospective palette because we need an eyeshadow look to match our Clueless swimsuit.)

As you sit at your dorm desk and think of new innovative ways to procrastinate studying for finals (i.e. the cause of your “overwhelming sense of ickiness”), just looking at this palette will give you endless procrastination options. After all, you can pass the time by constantly refreshing Peachy Queen’s website to make sure you don’t miss this Clueless palette’s debut. Or you can go into a nostalgia-induced bender and memorize all the classic Clueless ~looks~ that you’ll inevitably attempt to recreate with this palette.

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