Celeb Stylist Natalie Saidi's 7 Style Must-Haves for Fall

Fall semester is fast approaching, and with it, the autumn-exclusive style and beauty staples you can't get enough of. But when it comes to back-to-school packing and shopping, it's hard to sort out what you really need and what you can leave in your closet or on the shelves. That's why we've asked celebrity fashion stylist Natalie Saidi to fill us in on what she deems necessary to slay the upcoming semester in style. Natalie's garnered expertise from years of celebrity, editorial, commercial and red carpet styling, and with an expansive list of clientele (including the ever-chic Vanessa Hudgens) under her belt, we'll go ahead and say that this advice is sure to stun.

The Basics

1. Flat Boots

"I think every girl needs a cool flat boot with just a little chunky heel," says Natalie. "They are easy to walk in around campus and look cute with everything from jeans to dresses."

Our pick? Sam Edelman's cult classic, Petty ($120, Sam Edelman). Flaunting 10 fall-ready shades, this boot can suit anyone.

2. Day-to-Night Dress 

Natalie's all about a "comfortable dress that looks like a million bucks, and one that could easily be dressed up or down." And according to her, "The color doesn’t matter, just as long as it looks great with flats and heels."

We suggest this Silk Poppy dress in Cactus Flower ($148, Madewell).

3. Cool Cross-Body

Third on Natalie's priority list? "A fashionable cross body bag." Recognizing the reality of collegiette life, Natalie notes that this hands-free staple should be a consistent go-to for those ample moments of high-activity, "from riding your bike around campus to cheering on your school team."

We're recommending Street Level's Saddle Stitch Convertible Faux Leather Crossbody Bag ($42, Nordstrom) for it's flavorfully impressioned fabric and removable strap—we're always in for a two-in-one.

4. Dark Jeans

Natalie's denim go-to? "...skinny faded black jeans that have a lot of stretch in them so it's easy to move around." Better yet, a dark pair can masterfully blend into both dressed-up and dressed-down looks.

Banana Republic offers a classic pair ($98), which the company describes as sporting "maximum comfort" and a "super smooth fit." 

5. Bright Kicks

Last but not least on Natalie's list: "A dope pair of brightly color sneakers to run around campus in." For the gym bunnies out there, a performance option is a healthier choice for your foot, but even if "you might not have time to exercise," you can "look stylish running from class to class, or from work to your dorm room" in a casual pair. 

Put a festive foot forward in Sperry Seacoast Logo sneakers ($39.97, Nordstrom Rack). The seasonal shade and sailor-inspired accents bring a classic, lively charm to any outfit.

Bonus Tips!

6. Grab hold of a bold backpack

Before signing off, we asked Natalie if there were any upcoming trends collegiettes should definitely jump in on come fall semester. Her top pick? "The backpack! I'm really loving the backpack trend right now—it’s great for guys and girls, and completes any look. I really like the ones that have cute straps with patterns on it or plain leather. Whatever your style, everyone should have one!"

We're in full agreement, and why not go the extra step and sport a new take on that timeless leather look? Forever 21 boasts a blush pink velvet rendition that impeccably blends fashion with utility ($29.90).  

7. Confidence makes any look.

Natalie's final word of advice is that confidence is essential, as nothing illuminates an ensemble like an authentic glow from within. Of course, emitting self-assurance is easier said than done.

"The one thing that makes me super confident is rocking smooth skin – it helps me feel that much better about myself and what I'm wearing. To prep, I recommend Nair Moroccan Argan Oil SprayAway No Touch Spray hair remover ($12.49, Walgreens) to remove leg and body hair. Plus the 100 percent natural argan oil from Morocco is known to be ultra-moisturizing, nutrient-rich and restorative to help support the health and beauty of skin," assures Natalie. And while the presence or absence of body hair should be completely based on personal preference (and you should wear either with equal confidence, ladies!), it's always nice to know that if we choose to go bare, our skin has the option of reaping additional benefits.

Excited for the upcoming semester? Same (thanks Natalie!). Now pop these tips onto your back-to-school list, and whatever you wear, showcase it with some well-deserved fearlessness. Have an incredible autumn, collegiettes.