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Camila Cabello Is Launching a Havana Makeup Collection & It’s the Embodiment of Summer

We all know “Havana”—we dare you to tell us you haven’t at least tapped your foot to the catchy tune that served as Camila Cabello’s post-Fifth Harmony breakout. And you can now take your love of Cabello and the song to the next level, with L’Oreal Paris’s Havana makeup collection.

According to InStyle, Cabello is L’Oreal’s global spokesperson, so it makes sense that she would eventually venture into the world of makeup creation herself. The Havana-inspired collection is made up of 14 products that range from eye shadow to lip gloss to bronzer, and nearly everything in between.

In a statement, Cabello emphasized, "To me, beauty is about being happy and comfortable in your own skin, so you can live your best life!" We’ll take her word for it—with the success of her first album, Camila, she certainly seems to be living her best life.

"I wanted to create something that I personally would wear, and that I know people will love,” Cabello said. And so far, we’re definitely loving these summer-ready products.

The Havana eyeshadow is a cream shadow that comes in four shades; while Control, In Love and Oh-Na-Na (a clever nod to the lyrics of “Havana”) are more on the pinky, blush-toned side, Hot Havana is a standout glittery green. The Flash Liner, a felt-tip liquid eyeliner, is sure to be another fan favorite, since Cabello is known for her always-sleek cateye. However, our personal pick is probably the Sun-Lit Liquid Bronzer, which InStyle calls “hydrating and easily blendable,” perfect for helping us just a little bit with our summer tan.


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The Havana collection will launch on Ulta’s website July 15, and will hit shelves sometime in August, so you’ll be able to head to your local store and try them out for yourself. Which product are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments!

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