This Brand Created Limited Edition Feminist Pieces to Raise Awareness of the Gender Pay Gap

FASHIONABLE is a fashion and lifestyle label that creates jobs for women living in poverty from Ethiopia to Nashville, TN. For Equal Pay Day today, the brand created a limited edition pouch and t-shirt to raise awareness for the gender pay gap—that is the unjust discrepancy between men and women's salaries, which means it took until today, April 4, 2017, on average, for women to make the equivalent of what men made in 2016. The pouch was handmade by women in Mexico and retails for $68, and the t-shirt was produced in Peru and retails for $36. Both read "FEMINI$T."

FASHIONABLE aims to empower women and prevent them from having to resort to avenues like prostitution to support their families. Although you should support their cause every day, because it's an amazing cause and because they make the cutest clothes and accessories, it's particularly meaningful to support the label today.

On producing the below video, Barrett Ward, CEO and co-founder of FASHIONABLE, had this to say: "As a father of four daughters, I’m daily inspired by their view of the world. Particularly, I’m moved by the truths revealed by their innocent view of justice. As I was thinking of creating a video about the injustice of the gender pay gap, I realized I would prefer to hear from their hearts and minds on this issue. So we grabbed some of their friends, and this video is the result." Watch the full video to feel inspired today and every day to close the gender gap and empower women:

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