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Bookmark Her Blog: Eva Chen

Editor-in-chief, beauty guru, expert shopper, book worm, apple-lover—what else should we add to the list? Oh yeah, #EvaChenPose.
I like to give Eva credit for pioneering the way for magazine editors engage with readers in the social media world. At least for me, she was the first editor that I (and most of my friends!) started following. I’m obsessed with both her tumblr (be sure to bookmark it!) as well as her Instagram, where she interacts with her readers directly.
And that’s exactly why her hundreds of thousands of social media followers love her! She’s down-to-earth and totally approachable, breaking our perceptions of fashion industry insiders (she may wear Prada, but she is definitely not the devil). You’ll find everything from fashion and beauty to food and her latest reads:
And yes—you can leave her a comment or ask her a question, whether it’s about a specific beauty product, style tips, or even advice on how to break into a career in fashion … and prepare yourself for the excitement and inner monologue that happens when she responds (“OMG OMG DID EVA CHEN JUST REPLY TO ONE OF MY COMMENTS?!?”).
I’m a huge fan of her “good to the last drop” posts—they’re more than just pretty pictures. She consistently doles out mini reviews, and they’re as candid as they get. Want to know the brands in her posts? She tags each image, so just the give picture a little tap for the brand info (then a double tap to like—give the momma-to-be some love)! 
One of my favorite posts from her tumblr is her advice on personal style (see below). As a girl who’s gone through the preppy phase, the hipster phase, and much more, her response really hit home. Eva helped me realize that I did not need to start all over with my style. It’s about developing it as my life goes on!
Check her out now and trust me—you will fall in love like I did. 
Collegiettes, do you follow any other editors on social media? Share below!
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